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6 things Amos Yee can do now that he has been found guilty and convicted

6 things Amos Yee can do now that he has been found guilty and convicted

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All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.


1. Make another video pretty much saying the same things about Lee Kuan Yew and Christians as his previous video

This will test the resolve of the public to see if they are willing to go through with this whole hullabaloo again.


2. Make more videos pretty much saying the same things about Lee Kuan Yew and Christians as his previous video and compile all of them in his YouTube channel and make money from advertising

This will really really test the resolve of the nation.


3. Draw more inappropriate cartoons featuring Lee Kuan Yew and Margaret Thatcher in compromising positions

This will test the media theory that audiences will get desensitised to certain images after repeated exposure.


4. Make tribute videos to those Singaporeans who called the police on him in the first place

Thank them for their attention and for making a martyr out of him.


5. Make a video thanking the police, judiciary and pretty much everyone else during these trying times

He will then explain to them that after all he has been through, he will defend their right to express themselves.


6. Tell his mom and dad he loves them despite all that he has done

And thank the slapper for his shot at disciplining him, while explaining patiently he will defend his right to express himself too.


Bonus point:

Start a class on public speaking and promise guaranteed results for students who follow his formula to gaining attention.


Singapore has a new martyr:

S’pore bestowed with new martyr as Amos Yee found guilty & convicted


Church was asked to leave Amos Yee in 2013

Church was asked to leave Amos Yee in 2013

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Organisation’s beliefs incompatible with 21st century.


Contrary to previous news reports, further clarifications have revealed that it was in fact the church that was asked to leave Amos Yee in 2013 for various reasons and not vice versa.

The teenager, who posted a YouTube video in March 2015 that made some people feel sad, had held views that were compatible with the 21st century, but were not embraced by the organisation.

Ke Xue Jia, a local who is familiar with the concept of modernity while at the same time aware of the beliefs and teachings of the organisation, said: “There is no doubt that the organisation was asked to leave Amos Yee, who is a growing and thinking person keeping up with the times. The organisation, on the other hand, is having a hard time staying relevant today as it is constantly mired in the past and still latching on to discredited notions.”

“Take for example, turning water into wine. It is not something that can be experimentally replicated, but it hasn’t stopped the organisation from retelling the incident as if it were fact.”

“Fundamentally, a lot of the teachings by the organisation do not gel with 21st century concepts. Things like ‘Resurrection’ and ‘Papal Infallibility’ have no backing in reality and serve no purpose in the present democratic traditions, where egalitarianism and moral culpability are far more pressing ideals that ought to be embraced.”


Famous Amos:

Arrest reporters for abetting crime as they failed to chase after Amos Yee attacker

Amos Yee held in remand was the best thing that happened to his prison cell mates in a while

S’poreans not surprised if the guy in red shirt who slapped Amos Yee turned out to be his bailor

Amos Yee’s arrest signals S’pore’s commitment to light-touch Internet approach


S’poreans risk letting Lee Kuan Yew down after only 15 police reports made against Amos Yee

S’poreans risk letting Lee Kuan Yew down after only 15 police reports made against Amos Yee

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More police reports needed to show that Singaporeans do not take lightly anyone sullying LKY’s good name.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who paid their final respects to the late Lee Kuan Yew this past week during the seven-day period of mourning, are at risk of letting all that respect that was paid go to waste.

This after only 15 separate police reports were filed against Amos Yee, a 16-year-old who made a YouTube video sullying the good name of Lee Kuan Yew barely a week since his departure.

Poh Mah Tah, a Singaporean who is loyal to Lee Kuan Yew, said: “Singaporeans are at risk of letting Lee Kuan Yew down because so far, there has only been 15 police reports made against Amos Yee. This is unacceptable as the numbers are far too low.”

“It would be advisable to make approximately 1,000 police reports to show that Singaporeans do not allow take lightly what Amos Yee said.”

“And then another 2,000 police reports are needed to be made the next day to show that Singaporeans mean business. This will be followed by 3,000 police reports on the third day and 4,000 on the fourth day and so on.”

Other Singaporeans said reporting the matter to the authorities embodies a live-and-let-live attitude given the circumstances.

Another Singaporean, Hen Ren Zhen, said: “Singaporeans must live and let live. We must show Amos Yee that we are the bigger person by not hunting him down personally and threatening him by ourselves.”

“Instead, we should do the adult thing by not turning a deaf ear to his rants and ignoring what he has to say, but instead do the right thing and feel offended and then take it upon ourselves to go to the police and washing this issue clean off our hands.”

“This is because letting the authorities deal with something they are wholly ill-equipped to deal with — because no crime has even been committed via the posting of a video — would be the best definition of honouring Lee Kuan Yew’s legacy.”


Here is another adult thing to do to honour Lee Kuan Yew’s legacy:

Revoke S’porean citizenship of those who did not pay respects to Lee Kuan Yew

Download videos from YouTube in one step

Download videos from YouTube in one step

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Because you simply cannot rely on 3G to stream them.

Last week, I spent a good 10 minutes whinging about how SingTel’s 3G coverage is overpriced and crappy.

And then I found this floating around Facebook purportedly showing SingTel’s 3G coverage in Singapore:

The only thing I find funny about it is that it is actually fairly accurate.

And since things are the way they are, we can sit back and whine some more or do something about it.

So why not hack life and game the system?

Therefore, I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you how to overcome the annoying fact that it takes forever to stream YouTube videos using whatever 3G’s left in the air.

Because if it doesn’t stream on the go, why not just download YouTube videos directly into whatever device you might be using? For free.

Look, I am just an Everyday Tech User. If I can hack life and game the system, 99 percent of the population can as well.

As with all things in life, you can sit around and complain or you can do something about it.

So here goes.

Step #1:
Turn on your laptop/ desktop. Access YouTube. Find a video you like. This live version of Madness by Muse has left me moist for a few days. So I’ll download this.

Step #2:
Type the letters “pwn” in front of “youtube” in the URL. Hit enter. (“pwn” is an Internet slang and if you don’t know what it is, I am actually amazed you made it this far to read this article.)

Step #3:
You will be directed to deturl.com automatically. This is where the magic happens. To convert the YouTube video, I’ll usually go for SaveVid. Click on it. It works 99 out of 100 times.

Step #4:
You will see the SaveVid.com site appear. Sometimes you might be prompted by a message saying that JAVA(TM) is blocked. Whatever that means. Simply hit the “Run this time” button.

Step #5:
You didn’t even have to hold your breath, did you? You will be prompted to download any of the formats you fancy. High quality, low quality and mediocre quality. It’s really up to you. They even have MP3 formats.

Brilliant, isn’t it?

Kong Hee endears himself to the masses…

Kong Hee endears himself to the masses…

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… as media reporters and camera personnel take taekwondo and Jujutsu classes in lead-up to trial-of-the-century on July 25.

On June 27 outside court, loyalists clashed with media resulting in a lot of photographs of sweaty palms and crotches.

In a bid to endear himself to the public-at-large and rehabilitate his image before his trial-of-the-century is scheduled to start on July 25 for allegedly performing sorcery on church funds, City Harvest Church founder Kong Hee has forced the shutdown of DiarySG, a semi-popular Singaporean parody YouTube channel that takes the mickey out of everyone.

DiarySG officially went down on July 10, a day after receiving a letter from CHC asking them to cease using the church’s material in a video montage that is unflattering.

Before its unexpected closure, DiarySG was known to have taken the mickey out everyone except Lawrence Khong and Joseph Prince, who are spared because they are deemed to be not popular enough compared to Kong Hee and his wife, Sun Ho, who is a singing legend here and in the US and A.

Forcing the shutdown of an indie YouTube parody channel with a copyright infringement claim is widely seen as a calculated move to increase Kong Hee’s widespread popularity and lovability.

Which resides mainly in his congregation.

This is because the entire DiarySG archive of funny montages spanning two years worth of work has been erased due to the actions of him and him alone — one man who could, on hindsight, just politely ask to have his video removed without anyone noticing, but didn’t.

Self-styled political pundit, Eric de Yaya, said: “Applying a sledgehammer to a fly is visually exciting. But people, who do appreciate the lighter side of things and with a heart of forgiveness, will remember this for a long, long time to come. With hate in their hearts.”

However, the death of one parody outlet shall spawn the rise of other surrogate channels.

Which is also why, with less than two weeks to the the trial-of-the-century, mainstream media reporters and camera personnel are undergoing an unusual training routine.

With carbo-loading regime a part of their job scope now to gear themselves up for non-stop reporting when the trial starts, this will inevitably provide plenty of material for satirists to work with.

Photographers and video camera personnel are even taking Jujutsu and taekwando classes, with many signing up for courses to learn how to break their fall with martial arts expertise.

This move is largely inspired by the events outside of court on June 27, where a scuffle involving plenty of flailing hands broke out between CHC hardliners/ loyalists and innocent members of the press who just wanted to document something of importance, namely the exit of a pastor of a megachurch from court who was just formally charged with something big.

Lady Gaga song butchered in celebration of nationhood

Lady Gaga song butchered in celebration of nationhood

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In a preview of Singapore’s national day celebrations, badly-mangled version of “Bad Romance” makes its debut.

SINGAPORE — On YouTube, Lady Gaga’s songs are probably amongst the most covered and the most parodied of all current pop stars. Add another one to the list — a new rendition of “Bad Romance”, which has recently started going viral, surpassing 47,000 views and 2,300 dislikes (with 85 likes) as of 10.25am on 6 July.

But nobody in the video was laughing; they look painfully bored. Pity the celebrity hosts who tried to sell the song (they should just quit).

Here’s the bad news: This is no parody, but a rather serious attempt by the national day parade organisers to get spectators involved. It’s called the “Funpack Song”, and like the song says, it’s supposed to encourage Singaporeans to open up their ‘fun packs’.

If this was meant to welcome Lady Gaga to Singapore, who’s due for an impending concert in the city, it failed.

From what we’ve seen so far, netizens don’t quite know whether to laugh or cry at this one. Some reactions:

Jaki Teo: “How about ‘fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun pack’ to Pokerface instead.”

Kuik KianWei: “Please do not have any live telecast over the Internet this year. Don’t let any foreigners watch this. I’m ashamed. Oh wait, it’s already on YouTube. Damn.”

Shaiful Rizal: “Lady Gaga will commit suicide. Twice.”

Can’t believe how horrible it is? Check out the lyrics:

Oh o o o o o o o o
Time for the fun pack song
Oh o o o o o o o o
We like the fun pack song

Let’s start with the bag
That’s righ, grab your bag
It’s the fun pack bag
Attack the fun pack

Let’s start with the bag
That’s right, grab your bag
It’s the fun pack bag
Attack the fun pack

Hold up your flag, don’t you forget
You can wave it, if you feel like it.
Let’s wave the flag….

The lyrics feel as inane as Rebecca Black’s Friday. We wonder if they share the same songwriter.