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MCYS-sponsored youth platform launches with a bang

MCYS-sponsored youth platform launches with a bang

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But is their objective neutral?

By Fang Shihan

Conspiracy theorists – start stretching your fingers. This one’s right up your alley.

A group of 24 young people, headed by one 22-year old Soh Yida, who’s also the President of the NUS Student’s Political Association, launched a “ground-up, youth-initiated platform to BE THE CHANGE!” last Saturday. New Nation was kindly invited to the media briefing a few days before.

The group, armed with doe-eyed hope, funky fonts and MCYS support, aims to help Singapore’s youth translate their ideas into reality. How? By providing extensive networking channels and opportunities as well as mentoring. Read the full story

A new unconference: Be the Change

A new unconference: Be the Change

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A group of young people will be launching a new initiative to gather the views of young people towards making Singapore a better place. Called, ‘Be the Change’, the initiative will be launched officially at the *SCAPE Warehouse on Saturday, 24th September, at 2.30pm. It is supported by the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports.

So what will happen on that day? Looks like they will be organizing an unconference —  a conference where participants set the agenda — where youths can talk about anything they’re passionate about.