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Tessa Wong cures S’poreans of xenophobia

Tessa Wong cures S’poreans of xenophobia

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Her ST article produces xenophilia, causes all Singaporeans to embrace all foreigners overnight.

The Straits Times reporter, Tessa Wong, has caused xenophobia to pack its bag and leave Singapore completely overnight.

This occurred after Tessa Wong wrote an article published on March 30, 2013, in ST, to denounce xenophobia in Singapore.


The article was so effective, it produced results instantly.

One Singaporean, Ben Di Ren, said: “After I read Tessa Wong’s article, I immediately recognised that I am a xenophobe. So, I went to Little India and made myself 346 new friends in one evening, whom I added instantly as Facebook friends.”

However, this is only the tip of the ice berg.

Tessa Wong’s call for Singaporeans to face up to the threat of xenophobia produced powerful reactions of xenophilia.

Da Qiang Ah, another Singaporean, said: “After I finished reading the article, I opened my front gate and kept my door to my HDB flat unlocked. Because if I get robbed by anyone who is not local, I will not make any police report.”

This has resulted in an arms race between Singaporeans, where the competition is heating up to see who can embrace foreigners faster, harder and louder.

Bu Siang Huo, a local who is upping the ante to show that he denounces xenophobia, said: “I’ve written my will and proceed to commit suicide. I will be donating my kidneys to any foreigners looking for a transplant in Singapore.”