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Why should anyone care if Yaw Shin Leong screws a goat?

Why should anyone care if Yaw Shin Leong screws a goat?

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By Fang Shihan
(nah, got byline now. happy?)

Still lost for words

Opposition supporters have found their panties in a knotted twist after the anointed WP heir of Hougang, Yaw Shin Leong, was exposed for impregnating a married party member who was not his wife. Supposedly.

And why wouldn’t they be squeamish?

Fresh faced, dedicated and having just taken over an opposition stronghold, Yaw held the hopes and dreams of many a non-PAP fan (read: people who dislike the PAP but not enough to vote Dr. Chee).

But as it stands, the allegations against Yaw are unproven, the informants in question still have not demonstrated that they are more than a figment of a jealous politician’s imagination, and the lady in question, Ms Angela Oon, has not owned up to any pregnancy.

In all honesty maybe she was just having a fat day.

A non-fat photo of Angela Oon from last year

Yaw’s not the first prominent male personality whose sexual indiscretions (proven or otherwise) have been under scrutiny by the moral public. Jack Neo, Bill Clinton, Anwar are among the better known names. Among the less popular rumors are the tales of Lee Hsien Yang’s mischief in Australia with his alleged mistress (again, its true that the rumors exist, though the truthfulness of the rumor is debatable).

But who’s to say that being sexually monogomous was the only way of testing the character of a man?

Politicians like former U.S. president George W. Bush never cheated on his wife. But he started two wars in his tenure and got out of office just in time to miss the 2008 financial crisis. Our own PM Lee and former President S R Nathan were renowned family-men. But they’ve refused to pardon an illiterate young man who by his circumstances of borderline poverty, ended up trafficking drugs unknowingly and is now facing the death sentence.

If we’re talking about moral outrage, at least be fair about it. Sexual indiscretion simply does not have the same level of moral failure as war-mongering, and what some could argue, negligent murder.

Good leaders have to serve as moral examples for the nation. But only when it counts.

Just as the government has no business interfering with the private lives of its citizens, neither should the public be privy to the private lives of its statesmen.

This rule, of course, breaks down depending on the moral image of the person. People like the Pope or Jack Neo are held to a higher benchmark when it comes to being family-friendly, simply because of the stuff they preach for a living.

Yaw Shin Leong could have been a real fucker for all we know. We, being the people making noise about his alleged affair. But he could have been screwing a goat for all I care. Does cheating on his wife make him any less of an MP? Yes, if being an MP meant Yaw had to set a monogomous example for his constituency. And definitely yes, if Yaw had been known to punish those guilty of sexual indiscretion.

(Or if that had been my goat.)

The point is, if I had to pick between a sexually immoral man who does no harm to the world, like Mr Bunga Bunga Berlusconi for example, or a God-fearing, family-loving man like George W. Bush who declares war on the third world country without adequate proof that they could actually destroy the world as we know it, give me Berlusconi any day.

Mistress or not, illegitimate baby or not, what Yaw Shin Leong does in his limited free time (he’s an opposition MP, we’re already working him to death remember?) should not be the business of online commentators. Or the general public.

Unless it affects his work performance. In which case we could probably just dock his pay.