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Wildlife documentary on S’pore explores endangered species known as ‘S’poreans’

Wildlife documentary on S’pore explores endangered species known as ‘S’poreans’

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The decline of Singaporeans and how it came about.


Sir David Attenborough is narrating a two-episode documentary, Wild City, produced by Channel News Asia.

It is the channel’s first documentary on wildlife in Singapore and was produced as part of CNA’s slate of Singapore-made documentaries in celebration of the nation’s golden jubilee this year.

Filmed over a year, the first episode will feature wildlife found in and around urban Singapore, by utilising the “From Swamp To Skyscrapers” narrative.

The second episode will focus on the decline of Singaporeans as a species as a result of displacement by more aggressive foreign species of fauna.

Characteristic of typical Sir Attenborough documentaries about nature, the footage in Wild City will depict the ceremonial but ineffective courtship dances of Singaporeans that lead to abysmal copulation and fertility rates.

There will also be reels in slow-motion that show the sudden entrapment and displacement of vast numbers of Singaporeans as a result of herd migration by non-natives that make significant gains on the native’s territory and resources, signalling the inadvertent decline of the native species.

One memorable scene, which features Sir Attenborough’s trademark anthropomorphism and narration, sees him describing how foreign species usurp the native’s place:

“As the native male species gingerly advances towards the native female, she doesn’t take notice of his approach, as he tries to ingratiate himself with her and her surroundings.”

“Instead, it is the foreign male species she notices. His deftness at winning her attention as a result of his playful gaze and full plumage, eludes even the most sophisticated of the male natives.”

“A set of wheels, a white-collared job and an apartment he can not only triumphantly return to but call his own, the foreign species makes away with the native female in one fell swoop, once again as his display of fungible resources signals his ability to raise her brood — after he is done inseminating her.”

“Or at least that’s what she thinks.”


Before the decline, there was a spurt:

S’poreans shocked to find so many of them around