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PAP doing away with all-white uniform as translucent fabric causes sexual tension

PAP doing away with all-white uniform as translucent fabric causes sexual tension

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A practical move to ensure all is well.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who are practical and believe it is essential to take action to nip the problem at its bud, are applauding and nodding their heads in agreement.

This after the People’s Action Party could get rid of its longstanding five-decade-long tradition by doing away with its all-white uniform.

This is so as the PAP have been rocked by high-profile cases of its parliamentarians porking other women who are not their wives, which could be due to the translucent fabric caused by the party’s insistence on maintaining white uniforms.

One Singaporean, Chu Nan, said: “The all-white ensemble started off with noble intentions: Telling Singaporeans the PAP candidates were incorruptible and as pure as virgins. Any stain will be visible and sends a strong optical signal.”

“However, over the years, the white fabric has been capitalised by a more sexually-liberated generation.”

“It is unbecoming to see some of the women members rising through the ranks wearing red or black bras underneath their white blouse just to get attention at grassroots events.”

Other Singaporeans, who are lucid, said there are many obvious downsides to wearing white all the time.

Another local, Teow Bai Ji, said: “Somehow, year after year, the white fabric appears thinner and thinner and more see-through as a result of having been exposed to excessive amounts of fabric softener and bleach.”

“It is not known if this is deliberate or a sign of the times where people are more okay being more exposed in public.”

Some colours being considered as replacement for the party include dark blue, unlike the Workers’ Party’s blue, and aluminium, to make the PAP members’ attendance more apparent at events as they are shiny.







S’porean women impressed Adobe Photoshop helps them achieve fairer, cleaner armpits

S’porean women impressed Adobe Photoshop helps them achieve fairer, cleaner armpits

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This product tested with 100 percent effectiveness.


Singaporean women from all walks of life who might or might not be insecure about their armpits but now are because they are reminded by advertising in MRT stations it should be something they ought to be worried about, said they are impressed by the 100 percent effectiveness of Adobe Photoshop in helping women realise unachievable beauty standards.

Ad by Wikiproperty.co

Ad by Wikiproperty.co (Singapore)

One Singaporean woman, Gu Chi, said: “You can really see the effects of Adobe Photoshop on the woman’s skin. All fine lines are gone and all unevenness in skin tone completely erased.”

“It is almost as if she is fake.”

“Never in my wildest dreams would I believe this technology is now available to me so that I can also achieve fairer, cleaner-looking armpits.”

“I am sure all respectable woman who are people with hopes, aspirations and emotions and talented in their own fields and contribute extensively to society in their profession and personal capacity has time to think about such things in their daily hectic lives.”

However, other introspective Singaporean women said this armpit-whitening advertisement is a good testament of the prowess of Adobe Photoshop.

Meitu Xiu Xiu, a local, said: “I am glad this flawless-looking skin can be achieved by using Adobe Photoshop alone. No more fuss and hassle with sticky expensive creams with dodgy results.”

“You don’t even need to apply it on your skin regularly to see the effects. You just need to smooth out the uneven darkened unsightly lines once on your computer screen and you’re done for good.”

“Best of all, Adobe Photoshop has such powerful editing functions, I will have no more insecurities because I can make my armpits look any way I want.”



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