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Crappy Istana website builder gets away scot-free

Crappy Istana website builder gets away scot-free

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Government did not take action against builder of lemon website that is so easy to violate.


Singaporeans from all walks of life with varying levels of IT skills are appealing to the Singapore government to formally charge the builder of the violated Istana website.

This after the government hauled two people to court to be prostituted for violating the Istana website, which in the first place wasn’t exactly built to be the most secure website on Earth.

Sng Dian Nao, a web expert said: “This is what happens when you let the lowest bidder do the job.”

Another IT expert, Jin Hai Tek, said if website security is of utmost importance, the crappy website builder should be shot for allowing vulnerabilities to occur: “If a car dealer wants to sell you a car with locks that work only half the time, will you buy it?”

“If you go sky diving and you are told the parachute will deploy most of the time, will you still jump?”

“No, right?”

Others though are more philosophical about such IT security matters.

Sng Char Bor, a Singaporean who works in IT, explained how a website and a prostitute is the same thing: “A website and non-committal sex is the same because there is the ever-present risk of being violated. But people still do use both services, mostly because as mature adults, they understand it is a matter of personal responsibility to stomach the consequences if anything goes tits up.”