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Pioneer Generation allowed to vote for another 50 years after death

Pioneer Generation allowed to vote for another 50 years after death

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Votes by the deceased will still be valid in future elections as a way to pay tribute to them.

By Nyi Nyi


In yet another remarkable tribute to the old people of Singapore, the government passed a bill allowing members of the Pioneer Generation to continue voting in future elections up to 50 years after their passing.

A spokesperson for the new law said the bill was undertaken to recognise the efforts of older Singaporeans who helped build Singapore and this will allow their voices to be heard even after their death.

The spokesperson, Tang Kee, said: “We will spare no expenses in hiring mediums and verifying which party the deceased voted for when alive.”

“Most likely Barisan Sosialis, but since they are no longer around… Hmmm… Their votes will be transferred to the next best party that was around at that time.”

Qu Shi Le, a member of the pioneer generation who is wholeheartedly behind this measure, said: “To have a say in the direction my beloved country is heading, even after my passing, is a real honour.”

Unfortunately, Qu passed away a month ago, but that is probably what he would have wanted to say if he was still alive, claimed the spokesman.

The bill is expected to kick in from the next election onward and will be practised until people stop making such a big fuss over Population White Paper.