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Mystery woman named B

Mystery woman named B

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Vernetta Lopez’s ex-husband Mark Richmond allegedly cheated on her with a woman named B. Who could she possibly be?

Ahead of this year’s National Day Rally, deejay and actress Vernetta Lopez has addressed the nation on her own claiming that her ex-husband and former colleague Mark Richmond had an affair when they were married.

The pair subsequently separated in 2001 after four years of marriage, and the divorce was finalised two years later.

The details that led to her public break-up and other milestones of her life have been recorded for posterity and will be revealed in Lopez’s autobiography, Memoirs Of A DJ, to be released tomorrow.

In an exclusive interview with The Sunday Times on Aug. 26, not much was mentioned about this mystery woman except that she is referred to as B, and who allegedly wrote an illicit love note to Lopez’s then-husband with the words “…I can still smell you on my pillow.”

Since the revelation went public this morning, the nation has been gripped with suspense as everyone has been scrambling to find out who this mystery woman named B could possibly be, with nary any other hints to go along with.

When New Nation spoke to concerned members of the public who were eating tau huay for breakfast at the hawker centre about this alleged affair, some suggestions of an identity have been put forth.

One woman in her 40s, said: “Is B stand for Benedict Goh? You know, last time that one host The Pyramid Game, where the prize money was always damn sucky, like few hundred dollars only?”

Other guesses, however incorrect, have been suggested too: Brock Lesnar, Bo Xilai and Bo Chap Lah.

This last answer, however, some critics were quick to add, is the result of indifference, rather than unknowledge.