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S’pore still a conservative society, S’poreans assert

S’pore still a conservative society, S’poreans assert

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Look around you and you will see we won’t let immoral things penetrate our lives.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who believe they have sturdy morals and an appreciation for what is right and what is wrong, are nodding their heads in agreement.

This after they looked around them and said Singapore is still a conservative society.

One Singaporean, Ngerng Liap Kew, said: “If you look into the horizon, you won’t see our country punctuated with anything immoral.”

“We are still a conservative Asian society.”

“We won’t let immorality penetrate our lives.”

Other locals said this Singaporean way of life must be preserved at all costs.

One other local, Jin Tng, said: “The stiff and hard punishments meted out by our courts will allow anyone locked up to take a long and hard look at themselves and reflect.”

“There are no monuments erected that embraces liberalism, no landmarks to coerce us to let our guard down to be like the West.”

“We don’t just put things in between other things.”







Letter writer: Magician Lawrence Khong’s agenda goes against our national interest

Letter writer: Magician Lawrence Khong’s agenda goes against our national interest

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If we keep up with this idea of a traditional family, we will go back to a time where man had many wives.


Dear New Nation,

I find it totally confounding that the magician Lawrence Khong is allowed to promote his agenda.

I find it more disconcerting that he is using the media and Pink Dot as a platform of public persuasion to push his SM-esque, magic-performing lifestyle.

This is no good for Singapore, because it encourages people to believe in magic instead of working hard. So, why is our media and government giving him the public space to push his agenda and grow his movement?

Lawrence Khong has worked in all sectors, all over the economy, in sports and in entertainment and in community service as well. He is free to lead his life, free to pursue his social activities.

But there are restraints and we should not approve of him actively putting out statements and promoting his lifestyle to others, or setting the tone for mainstream society.

I would like to see a clear line drawn on where to stand regarding this moral issue.

He will not stop at keeping 377A. He will push for more. Ultimately he will want to redefine Love, Marriage and Family. That’s why he puts them in capital letters.

He is trying to change them and use them in a way that normal people don’t. He has not publicly declared it, but it looks like his objective is to change society’s attitude.

Is this the kind of Singapore we can be proud of and want for our children? I feel sad at the thought of Singapore in moral regression.

In the past decades or more, our leaders have made considerable effort to alter the idea of the Family Institution as the basic and foundational building block to nation-building.

From limiting the number of children in a family, to engineering the socio-economic statuses of couples, to trying to increase family sizes, to redefining family as not just one man, one woman and two children, but one man, one woman, three or more children, the man’s parents, the woman’s parents, his and her siblings, and so on. Why should the government stop now?

Lawrence Khong’s agenda goes against our national interests. If he is allowed to continue, the day will come when he brings us back to the days of our forefathers, the days we have worked so hard to move away from.

We will go from First world to Third, to a world where the basic family unit is defined as one man to many wives and tens of children and girls were not allowed to go to school and policemen wore shorts, and where there was no Lawrence Khong.

The day our founding fathers can recognise the Singapore we have worked for so long on, is the day we know we are still stuck in the 1800s.

New Nation reader