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S’pore open to talks with US & North Korea

S’pore open to talks with US & North Korea

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Please come back.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who have been dumped by their girlfriend or boyfriend before, can understand how Singapore feels at the moment.

This was after the United States president Donald Trump cancelled his meeting with North Korea leader Kim Jong-un and Singapore is left hanging as she will no longer be the venue to host this historic event.

One Singaporean, Bu Yao Zou, said: “Singapore is still open to talks with the US and North Korea.”

“It might look like we don’t need this summit to up our cred, but we do.”

“Please come back. Please. Please don’t go.”

“People will still think we are in China.”

Other locals said Singapore could suggest ways for US and North Korea to come back.

Another local, Kuai Hui Lai, said: “Singapore was so close to doing something historic.”

“Maybe we can come out to say we also are going to be a nuclear nation.”

“That would really draw international attention again.”

“Singapore is still open to talks. Please.”