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Tony Tan learns to rollerblade

Tony Tan learns to rollerblade

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Sprawling grounds at his place of residence ensures he gets enough practice.


In a bid to make full use of the sprawling premises of his place of residence, Tony Tan has taken up rollerblading.

The 73-year-old has been blading for the past two years, since he moved into the heart of Orchard Road area.

Tan, a semi-retiree, said: “I’ve been having fun. It’s good to know that I have so much free time now. I was more hectic when I had a full-time job.”

His new found passion for blading has him set his sights on larger goals.

He said he ultimately wants to go out of his house by himself, without any of his staff following him around.

His wife, Mrs Tony Tan, however, said: “He whole day like to say he want to go Plaza Singapura by himself, buy 4Fingers eat by himself.”

“Later KFC call and scold him then he know.”





Tony Tan fancies the moon to unite S’poreans

Tony Tan fancies the moon to unite S’poreans

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He said he found the full moon “special”.

A week into the worst haze crisis Singapore has ever encountered, President Tony Tan has come out of hiding to address the concerns of the public-at-large.

In a Facebook note, he wrote:


Singaporeans from all walks of life found his Facebook status update uplifting and reassuring.

Yue Liang, a local, said: “Yeah, developing some lunacy seems appropriate. I’m sure that’s what all the everyday people feel as well, what with the lack of masks and a untrustworthy PSI reading.”

There are also others who are glad Tony Tan has updated his Facebook in such a timely manner.

Yuan Yuan, another Singaporean, said: “What would I do without this uplifting Facebook post?”

“And what a great way to unite Singaporeans again.”

Tony Tan’s bryani unites S’poreans

Tony Tan’s bryani unites S’poreans

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Besides bringing them to the yard.


Singapore’s elected president, Tony Tan, who ran his presidential campaign in 2011 promising to unite Singaporeans if he ever got elected, is sticking to his word.

He is uniting Singaporeans by cooking a giant pot of bryani.

His rice-stirring skills has prompted some locals to applaud his inclusivity.

One pro-establishment Singaporean, Poh Lan Pah, said: “From the way he stirs the rice, you can tell that he is trying to show that Singapore is a melting pot of various ethnicities and cultural practices that can blend well together.”

Others, who are less prone to reading too much into actions of ex-politicians, were quick to point out that Tony Tan is showing that he embraces everyone with an open mind.

Another slightly less status quo-supporting Singaporean, Mei Li Yew said: “By standing next to Yaacob Ibrahim, Tony Tan is showing that he is tolerant of idiots.”

Tony Tan recently went to Brunei. His visit has been construed as uniting Singaporeans. As well.

President Tony Tan to visit Brunei to unite S’poreans

President Tony Tan to visit Brunei to unite S’poreans

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Everything he does is to unite Singaporeans.


President Tony Tan will be visiting Brunei on Tuesday for three days, his first state visit there since becoming president in 2011.

This visit is significant as Tony Tan campaigned during the presidential election two years ago saying that he will be a figurehead who will unite Singaporeans if he wins.

Singaporeans from all walks of life agree.

Lai Tuan Jie, a young Singaporean who spoiled his vote during the presidential election said: “Yes, there is no doubt Tony Tan will unite Singaporeans when he goes to Brunei and does some important things like talk and walk around.”

“We will all hold hands for those three days and be inspired.”

The Foreign Affairs Ministry has said Dr Tan will receive a ceremonial welcome at Istana Nurul Iman, the Sultan’s official residence.

He will then have a meeting with the Sultan, and be hosted to a state banquet in the evening.

And then he will fly back.

Another Singaporean, Yi Qi Lai, said: “When Tony Tan comes back to Singapore, we will be united as one big country.”

“We will all hold hands and feel so unity.”