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Only S’pore govt knows the Truth to love, life & universe

Only S’pore govt knows the Truth to love, life & universe

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Singaporeans defer to government as they are never wrong.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who don’t know any better because they are born and raised as simpletons in a country devoid of conflict and strife, are deferring to the Singapore government for the absolute Truth.

This after the Singapore government has vowed to clamp down on fake news because Singaporeans cannot think for themselves as they spend too much time on the Internet and they only need to believe the authorities who know best and possess wisdom.

One Singaporean, Jia Xing Wen, said: “The Singapore government has all the information about everything. Their local is as old as time.”

“They are the all-seeing eye, the beginning and the end, the vastness of their depth and broadness of their knowledge will leave each and every one in awe as they are the final adjudicators of truth and falsity.”

Other deferential locals said they know that the Singapore government holds the truth because they have never, ever been wrong before.

Another local, Jiang Zhen De, said: “Singaporeans like to see things in shades of grey, but that is for weaklings.”

“Really strong people can see things only in black and white. Anything in degrees is wrong and must be gotten rid of.”

“You are either black or white. No wonder PAP wears white.”