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Malaysia, Truly Asia: Hilarious happenings from their GE13

Malaysia, Truly Asia: Hilarious happenings from their GE13

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Thank god we separated from them in 1965.

Semi-professional election watchers in Singapore spent the whole Sunday night and the wee hours of Monday morning glued to “live” updates of Malaysia’s GE13 results.

And boy, are we glad we separated from them in 1965 to become our own sovereign country.

Because the action over there was nothing but hilarious.

Check it out for yourselves.

1. Citizen journalists in Malaysia claim to have photographic evidence of some dude carrying extra ballots to rig the vote tally.

2. And everywhere Malaysians turned, they walked into more bags carrying extra ballots.

3. Many polling stations experienced 10-minute blackouts. And suddenly, new boxes of ballots appeared out of nowhere.

4. I’m probably not getting this right, but one of the measures is for voters to have their finger painted blue and they proceed to dig their nose?

5. Two hours into counting the votes, ownself declare ownself win.

6. A whole bunch of other people getting themselves arrested.

Er is it just Singaporeans’ perspective or is there something very antediluvian about how things work up north?