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S’poreans petitioning PM Lee to ban Stomp

S’poreans petitioning PM Lee to ban Stomp

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If PM Lee is serious about tackling trolling, he should act like a man.


Singaporeans from all walks of life with diminishing levels of tolerance are doing up a petition calling on Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to personally pull the plug and ban Singapore Press Holdings’ Stomp website.

This after PM Lee pledged to single-handedly tackle the problem of trolling online during the Zaobao Forum two days ago, as he felt it is making everyone useless and stupid.

Stomp, a nincompoop website that thrives on voyeurism, recently found itself in deep trouble with Singaporeans as it trolled an NSF, blaming him for drinking plain water on the MRT.

This did not go down well as the NSF already spends two years of his life protecting the country and Stomp is insinuating he is supposed to die of thirst instead of quenching it.

One Singaporean son, Koh Hen Gan, said: “PM Lee must show his leadership skills and do the right thing by banning Stomp.”

“Stomp is a menace to society and based on the fact its editors are anonymous and hiding behind a blanket of anonymity, are doing nothing but perpetuate stupidity and inanity.”

“If the prime minister sits idly by allowing Stomp to continue trolling, he is guilty of complicity due to his inaction.”