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Retiree claims CPF funds spotted at Trick Eye Museum

Retiree claims CPF funds spotted at Trick Eye Museum


Museum says man lacks rose-tinted glasses necessary for accurate vision.

By Salmon Leung


The newly-opened Trick Eye Museum may have unraveled a long-standing mystery after a 70-year-old retiree spotted a mountain of money stacked in front of the Central Provident Fund (CPF) logo.

Jin Bo Lui, who was there with his family, said he saw numerous stacks of thousand-dollar notes midway through his visit at the Sentosa attraction, which was brought in from Korea by Dead Dolphin Resort.

“I was hurriedly getting off the Overcrowded Island exhibit when I came across a mound that looked like it didn’t belong there, covered by an over-sized pink shirt,” he recounted.

“The fabric had several holes in them so I could make out that it was money underneath. Behind was the CPF logo on a wall, almost covered because the mound was so big.”

He said that he wanted to walk towards the suspicious object, but was pushed forward by his daughter’s selfie pod, which she fashioned out of his walking stick and cellophane tape.

By the time he regained his balance and turned back for a closer look, “the mound was gone”, leaving behind the CPF logo and a huge infographic which, in his own words, looked impressive.

“There were a lot of pointed arrows, which reminded me of the ‘arrows’ I shot last time,” he said, referring to his former job as a senior civil servant.

When questioned about the sighting, museum spokesman Kua Buay Teoh reasoned that the premises “indeed contain plenty of optical illusions, such as an exhibit titled ‘Democracy’”.

But he maintained that there are “no stashes of the people’s money anywhere other than those from the expensive admission tickets at the ticketing booth”.

He added: “For the elderly, we recommend they wear special rose-tinted glasses, available from the museum shop, to discern the real illusions from the fake illusions.”

At press time, investigations are ongoing as there have been claims about sightings of reserve funds at the museum.