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Trees, plants shedding flowers in S’pore fined for littering

Trees, plants shedding flowers in S’pore fined for littering

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Authorities get tough after they keep shedding flowers despite repeated warnings to stop.


As a result of crazy weather patterns in Singapore the last two months, trees and plants of various shapes and sizes started to bloom and grow plenty of flowers overnight.

And over the course of the last two weeks, these trees and plants started to shed their flowers en masse, causing the drains and waterways to be clogged with flowers.

This has caused consternation among the Singapore authorities who have decided to get tough with these trees and plants, and started to fine them for littering.

One Singaporean authority, Lai Fa Kuan, said: “This mass littering is getting out of control. We have to do what we do best as the authorities — and that is to issue fines.”

“Furthermore, we need to send a clear warning to the trees and plants in the future, that they are not allowed to throw their flowers on the floor as it is obscene.”

“This is because we learnt in biology in school that flowers are actually the private parts of the trees and plants.”