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PAP town councils raise conservancy charges signal next election still 3 years away

PAP town councils raise conservancy charges signal next election still 3 years away

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By then, everyone would have forgotten.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who know how to read signs and understand how Singapore works, are clearly aware the next General Election is still three years away.

This after 15 PAP town councils will increase service and conservancy charges (S&CC) from June 1, 2017, giving the populace a good few years to forget this ever happened before heading to the polls again.

One Singaporean, Wang Ji, said: “When conservancy charges get raised, you know we are not even at the mid-point between two general elections.”

“From the looks of it, the next General Election will be held in late 2020. Mark my words.”

Other locals said such tactics must be made into an academic subject as governance these days is all about such hands-on, practical approaches rather than outmoded and high-highfalutin ideas of what governance is.

Another local, Heng Lui, said: “Many people think good governance is doing the right thing for the people and putting people first.”

“The truth is, governance is about doing shitty things to people but ensuring most people forget when the time comes to vote.”

“Singapore has pioneered this method and we can export it overseas.”







PAP fails to keep Workers’ Party in check despite 50 years of continuous rule

PAP fails to keep Workers’ Party in check despite 50 years of continuous rule

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PAP should have seen Aljunied-Hougang-Punggol East Town Council’s problems coming.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who have spent the entire duration of their existence under PAP rule, have expressed their disappointment with how the ruling party no longer seems to have a strong foothold in every aspect of Singapore, despite 50 years of continuous rule.

This after the Auditor-General’s Office (AGO) said on Feb. 9, 2015, that there is no guarantee that the Workers’ Party-run Aljunied-Hougang-Punggol East Town Council’s (AHPETC’s) accounts are reliable or that public funds are being properly spent.

This revelation drew widespread condemnation from the public who felt that the PAP have failed to promote a responsible opposition in Singapore and caused the failure of its town council.

Zhen Shi Bai, a local, said the PAP as the dominant incumbent should have foreseen these problems and the ruling party should accept responsibility for this fault: “It is unacceptable for the PAP to not have seen this coming.”

“They obviously have failed to master and control all the state apparatuses at their disposal and use them to their advantage.”

“It is shameful for such a big party with so many years of experience ruling the country to not foresee something as obvious as this.”

“The lack of confidence expressed by the AGO for Workers’ Party’s town council accounts is clearly a failure of the PAP system.”


The last time we checked Google Maps:

Thank you Google Maps, we now know how ex-MPs live



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Cozy chairs belonging to elderly removed from void deck to make them have more things to reminisce about

Cozy chairs belonging to elderly removed from void deck to make them have more things to reminisce about

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Chua Chu Kang Town Council helps the aged think back to all the things they are missing in twilight years.


In a bid to help the elderly remain mentally active, Chua Chu Kang Town Council has demanded that an assortment of about a dozen cozy chairs in the void deck at Block 121 Teck Whye Lane to be removed.

This is what the authorities are doing to help the chairs’ owners, who are aged retirees, to have more things to reminisce about when the chairs they have fondly grown old with are removed and destroyed.

One old man, Lao Kok Kok, said: “I heard the Town Council is doing this as part of active ageing for the elderly.”

“They want to remove the chairs physically from this void deck space that I’ve come to know and hold dear for the last 20 years, so that they will now just form a part of my memory of this beloved place.”

“Once the chairs are gone, I will only experience these memories as a figment of my imagination.”

“I hear this will give me more things to miss and helps my brain to remain active.”

“I am old. I can’t fight back. I will be gone soon. I don’t have what it takes anymore.”

“I am spent.”

What real news surrounding AIM saga should be played down?

What real news surrounding AIM saga should be played down?

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Average Singaporeans must avoid asking these five questions, or else, revolution.


The Ministry of National Development (MND) has completed the review on the sale of software by PAP town councils to PAP-owned company Action Information Management (AIM).

As reported by The Straits Times on May 4, 2013 (above), everything has been revealed to be in order, with the review conducted in a mature and harmonious manner without any bitch-slapping.

The case is, undoubtedly, closed.

Therefore, New Nation has compiled a list of five questions that should never, ever be asked, in the interest of playing down the real news surrounding the AIM saga.

To allow everyone to move on and put this sordid episode behind us.


1. How many companies does PAP really own?

Why we should avoid this question: It will put many PAP people in a very tight position because they will not want to make this figure public.

2. Did anyone in PAP foresee in 2010 that the sale of software by PAP town councils to a PAP-owned company is a highly sensitive issue and will potentially raise a stink?

Why we should avoid this question: It will make many PAP people look like they got no foresight.

3. Imagine it was 2010 now and citizens got wind of this plot by PAP town councils to sell software to a PAP-owned company, how might it have affected the results in GE2011?

Why we should avoid this question: Ok, this is starting to get embarrassing.

4. What powers do citizens have to veto these sort of plans? In other words, what say do residents in the various estates have if they knew about the sale and were against it?

Why we should avoid this question: Ok, ok, please stop. This is really getting very embarrassing. Just stop, please…

5. If this sale of software could potentially be controversial and is of such great public interest, why wasn’t The Straits Times even around to mention a word about it back in 2010?

Why we should avoid this question: Ok please, I beg of you, please stop… There is no time for this. We need to move on.

6. What was holding the PAP back in 2010 from declaring publicly the sale of software by its town councils to AIM? Why wasn’t it part of public knowledge then?

Why we should avoid this question: Please, we really need to move on.

PAP is a business genius

PAP is a business genius

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Business analysts heap praise on PAP’s pro-business logic.

The People’s Action Party has been singled out for praise by business analysts interviewed by New Nation.

Business analysts are applauding the PAP Town Councils’ early 2011 sale of the computer Town Council Management System (TCMS) to a $2 software company called Action Information Management Pte Ltd (AIM) that is also owned by PAP, saying that a visible track record is not necessary if the company is obviously run by three very old men.

The three men, in suits and ties, who own AIM are:

The guy on the left is Chandra Das for sure, the other two… erm ya.

Zho Seng Li, a business analyst with a Very Big Bank, said: “It is obvious that you can trust old men in suits and ties to do a good job. Who needs software credentials on paper or on a website if you’re wearing decent clothing?”

Another business dealer also said it is good to have business dealings with yourself so that operations are not exposed to other pesky stakeholders.

Gong Jiao Wei, an economist with Ivy League Qualifications, said: “It is always good to do business with yourself. Why would you trust anyone else other than your own people?”

AIM, the PAP-owned company, also displayed exemplary behaviour by not being beholden to any clients for profits.

Which explains why they can cut off usage of the computer system without rhyme or reason to Aljunied-Hougang Town Council, which is owned by the Workers’ Party since GE2011.

Last but not least, as AIM is also expected to support the computer system technically and continue with software enhancements even though it is a shell company with no actual working software and support engineers, it is sending a signal that it is a company that will be remain profitable because they do not need to pay wages to anyone else.

No labour is always better than cheap labour, as the rich man’s business acumen goes.