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Found: The most altruistic man in S’pore

Found: The most altruistic man in S’pore

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A better Love story than Pierre Png and Andrea de Cruz.


Ladies and gentlemen, I will like you to please rise in honour of the most altruistic man in Singapore…

Five months ago, cab-driver Tong Ming Ming (above), 34, donated 70 percent of his liver to a complete stranger — a civil servant from the Ministry of Home Affairs — after reading about a plea for an organ donor on Facebook.

Now get this: The Ministry of Health has since confirmed that this is the first ever altruistic liver donation in Singapore by an unrelated living donor.

Which naturally makes it a better Love story (of the agape kind) than Pierre Png and Andrea de Cruz.


Was there any objections to wanting to be a donor to a stranger when the outcome could have been fatal to both parties?

Well, Tong, sounding very reasonable about the whole thing, said: “Mom was ok, since young she knows that I want to help someone. I told her when I was very young, that if I die, donate all my organs.”

“I got the full support of my mom.”


So what do we know about this Good Samaritan?

Well, he is a bachelor, a Christian, an ex-police officer who became a cab driver and an overall do-gooder.

He became a taxi driver in January and ferries amputees for medical appointments, kidney patients for dialysis and poor older folk to church.

He will waive the fare, although some regular passengers pay a token sum.

And he became a police officer in the first place because it was the police who protected his family when he was young when they were harassed by loan sharks.

Please remain standing for a 15-minute ovation.