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Singapore doesn’t need an elected President

Singapore doesn’t need an elected President

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It’s telling how ill-conceived this office is when Presidential candidates are still debating about their job scope.

By Terence Lee

"Why am I here?" - the question that all Singapore presidents, past, present and future have been unable to answer. Photo: WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM / Creative Commons

I’m starting to think that the Presidential elections is stupid.

At best, it’s an entertaining diversion; at worst, it’s a waste of taxpayer’s money and time that can be better diverted to governing the country and keeping our vibrant economy humming along.

Something is very wrong when at this stage of the proceedings, what is dominating discussion is the scope of the President’s powers. Cue the recent Institute of Policy Studies forum where law minister K. Shanmugam and law academic Thio Li-ann discussed what the President can or cannot say in public.

Shanmugam seems to think the President is the public sock puppet of the government. Both the law minister and Thio Li-ann also have the gumption to blame citizens for being unclear about the president’s powers. Read the full story