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What do S’poreans think of foreigners?

What do S’poreans think of foreigners?

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Here are some well-thought answers to this question.


What are some thoughts that Singaporeans have of foreigners? Expats? Anyone who is not local?

Here are some observations culled from various highly-qualified sources that contradict one another:

1. There is an aspirational mindset among Singaporeans that they want to be more like foreigners as far as possible because there are perks. This is due to a few simple reasons: One, going overseas before returning back here will signal that you have “made it” somehow. Two, foreigners do not need to serve National Service. They can come to Singapore to enjoy the free defence.

Source: More S’poreans want to become foreigners to enjoy higher quality of life


2. Foreigners who work here as manual labourers are thought of as never, ever having any problems.

This view was most pronounced during the Little India riot in December 2013. Singapore believed that foreign workers rioted because they were feeling okay, like it was just a regular thing to do.

Source: Foreign workers rioted because they were feeling okay


3. Foreigners in Singapore are at the mercy of their economic caste. There is a simple binary view of things here: If you can afford the better things in life, you are pretty much okay. If you can’t, you might be a nuisance.

Source: S’pore researcher discovers expensive alcohol contains crucial anti-rioting properties


4. Some foreigners are considered better at holding their liquor than others. And alcohol is seen as this manipulative substance that does things to foreigners that make them act out sometimes.

Source: Alcohol failed to cause riot at Clark Quay the past year since Little India riot occurred


5. Foreigners have fun in Singapore at the expense of the mainstream media. They like to do stuff to fool them.

Source: Random people wear checked shirts in Little India to fool mainstream media


6. At the end of the day, Singaporeans would not have been xenophobic had it not been for the presence of foreigners.

Source: S’poreans blame foreigners for xenophobia


Likewise, you wouldn’t get divorced if you didn’t get married:

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