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MediaCorp’s The Final 1 getting hijacked

MediaCorp’s The Final 1 getting hijacked

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Social media stealing a win for underdog.


MediaCorp’s latest sitcom, The Final 1, has had brickbats thrown its way ever since it debuted on television some time this year.

Among its naysayers, the regular complaints include not enough talent and poor music.

But a silver lining has emerged: Some social media sites are actively encouraging the pubic-at-large to vote for the underdog.

In this case, it happens to be Yuresh Balakrishnan, no known relation to Vivian Balakrishnan.

Supporters have said they like Yuresh because he looks like he can sing.

One Singaporean man, Tan Ji Ta, said: “He holds a guitar. So I guess… yeah.”

Facebook pages such as SMRT Ltd (Feedback), 9gag Singapore and overrated website New Nation are stealing a win for Yuresh.

However, the bid to make Yuresh win has hit a snag.

Another local, Wan Dian Nao, said: “I don’t know even how to vote. The last time I watched TV was four years ago.”