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Why did S’poreans vote for the Workers’ Party in GE2011?

Why did S’poreans vote for the Workers’ Party in GE2011?

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It is because they might have mistaken white and blue for the same colour.


In light of the recent worldwide argument about whether the dress is white and gold or blue and black, there has been at least one important revelation: People in general do get their whites and blues mixed up.

This is an important finding that has widespread ramifications for Singaporeans because it answers this crucial question: So why exactly did Singaporeans vote for the Workers’ Party in the General Election 2011?

The mystery, at least according to scientists, is solved for now.

If you look closely at this picture, you can tell that the Workers’ Party’s traditional blue colour is very obvious set against a green leafy background:



But if you looked at this picture, you can see the blue shirts on a blue background reveal them to be PAP white:


Therefore, Singaporeans from all walks of life voted the Workers’ Party because they saw them wearing the same colour as PAP’s white.

There you have it. Science, ladies and genetlemen.


This is why the PAP is the same as Workers’ Party:

PAP fails to keep Workers’ Party in check despite 50 years of continuous rule

CPF blogger Roy Ngerng says dress is black & blue after PM Lee said it’s white & gold

CPF blogger Roy Ngerng says dress is black & blue after PM Lee said it’s white & gold

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Opposing for the sake of opposing.


Following a 12-hour deliberation on the Internet where several billion people worldwide engaged in arguing one another whether the dress is gold and white or black and blue, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has waded into the discussion and declared via fiat that it is gold and white.


However, his pronouncement drew an immediate lengthy blog post rebuttal by CPF blogger Roy Ngerng, who responded by saying that PM Lee is unilaterally deciding the outcome of the dress’s colour without first consulting Singaporeans via referendum what they thought.

Ngerng wrote in his blog: “The Prime Minister of Singapore has once again showed that he does not take his citizens’ views seriously and decides on their behalf what the colour of the dress is.”

“What if there are Singaporeans who think the dress is black and blue? Who is going to represent them and their view?”

“Will the PAP be able to say that they can represent this segment of Singaporeans? What if there are other Singaporeans who don’t see the dress as white and gold or black and blue? What if there are Singaporeans who can see the dress is green or pink? Then who can speak on their behalf?”

“Is it right for the leader of Singapore to come out to declare what the colour is without first consulting his people? Is this how we have transparency and accountability?”

At press time, Ngerng is demanding to know if PM Lee’s wife Ho Ching and the rest of the PAP MPs also see the dress as gold and white, and if that is the case, there is a serious problem of groupthink in Singapore’s leadership.


Trouble befalling Roy Ngerng:

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