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What does Team Chinapore’s table tennis bronze victory show?

What does Team Chinapore’s table tennis bronze victory show?

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It does not highlight enough how united Singaporeans are, in fact.

Feng Tianwei of Team Chinapore, won bronze for her individual effort in the women’s table tennis bout. Reaction has been split over her win.

When Chinapore’s Feng Tianwei won the Olympic bronze medal in the women’s singles table tennis bout yesterday, reaction has been split.

The President, Prime Minister and a bunch of others were quick to congratulate. At the same time, plenty more were lightning fast in undoing their flies and relieving themselves all over the news.

But to consider that Chinapore’s win has segregated the masses, is to get it wrong.

Far from being disunited and falling out with each other, Singaporeans are very united in their common desire.

Because market research has shown that overwhelmingly, men and women of all stripes want pink nipples:

An ad for pink nipples stolen from Agagooga (http://twitpic.com/aedva7).

The market can never be wrong as strict surveys and research that run into the tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars are conducted for the precise reason to ascertain what people actually desire and provide goods and services for it.

And the only reason a commercial enterprise can offer the critical mass the chance to pay to turn their nipples pinkish is simply because there is a majority of people who demand for it.

So let us not allow Chinapore’s Olympic medal haul harm us into thinking we cannot work areola… erm I mean, around a common desire, ok?