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Taylor Swift suspected of singing songs mocking S’pore authorities

Taylor Swift suspected of singing songs mocking S’pore authorities


Singapore realised the title of her songs contained subversive messages.


The Singapore authorities have announced it is looking into the possibility of investigating American girl-next-door Taylor Swift for propagating subversive messages during her recent concerts in Singapore.

Swift performed at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on June 9 and 12 to sold-out crowds.

An authority spokesperson, Xiao Qi Gui, said: “Two days after the concert, we have reviewed a recording of the performances and determined that Taylor Swift’s repertoire of songs that night might have contravened Singapore’s mainstream conservative values and made a mockery of the government in a subversive manner.”

Xiao continued: “One of the songs she performed is called Fifteen, which we understand is a social commentary on Singapore’s failure to curb the recent spate of underage sex convictions in the last few years.”

“She also sang Two is Better Than One, which we understand to be satirising the government’s Stop At Two campaign in the early nation-building days, where Singapore actually thought it was a good idea to stop its citizens from having more children, and look where that got us now: More foreigners.”

“To top off her concert, she also performed White Horse, which is construed by the Singapore authorities as calling attention to the rumoured long-standing SAF policy of practising favoritism of the children of influential Singaporeans during National Service conscription.”

The authorities said that these songs when seen in this light, cannot assume to be a mere coincidence that they were performed with no intended hidden subversive meaning.

Singapore is calling on the US to extradite Swift once the CPF issue is settled, which will probably be never.


Edusave is also CPF:
Primary school students protest against Edusave scheme

Music is insidious this way:
A-Mei’s Rainbow song can spread homosexuality, S’pore authorities warn



Two Is Better Than One

White Horse






A-Mei’s Rainbow song can spread homosexuality, S’pore authorities warn

A-Mei’s Rainbow song can spread homosexuality, S’pore authorities warn

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But Taylor Swift songs about hooking up with multiple men one after another is okay.


By David Tan

Officials in Singapore have uncovered shocking new evidence suggesting that homosexuality may well be spread through sound.

This stunning revelation comes after Singapore authorities put a ban on the hit song Rainbow, by Taiwanese megastar A-Mei, saying she was not allowed to perform it during the 2014 Spring Wave Music And Art Festival at Gardens by the Bay on June 7 as such music leads to displays of homosexuality.

Ngoh Ho Moh, a Singapore authority, said: “Listening to Rainbow, which contains pro-homosexual lyrics, such as ‘our loves are very similar, we get hurt because of men, yet we continue colliding’, will lead people to exhibit sudden outbreaks of homosexual symptoms, like singing along in unison and waving light sticks.”

“On the other hand, Taylor Swift, who recently had a concert here two nights ago, was allowed to sing all manner of songs about hooking up and breaking up with one man after another, because it led people to sing along in unison and wave light sticks in a heterosexual manner.”

At press time, the Committee for National Service said Singapore will continue its long-standing policy of conscripting male citizens to join the SAF, where they will be taught to sleep with, shower with and die for other men.


Now this is really gay:

SAFRA releases new gym ad targeting men, undoes sexism of previous ad