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Caltex Tampines BMW driver lived up to reputation of BMW drivers

Caltex Tampines BMW driver lived up to reputation of BMW drivers

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A good positive example.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who recognise the characters of others without difficulty, are nodding their heads in agreement saying that people these days behave in ways that prove them right.

This after a BMW driver refused to pay for the full tank of fuel and insisted on only bearing S$10 of cost while letting the pump attendant pay the rest of the bill, sparking conversations throughout the island that he is living up to the reputation of BMW drivers by being a positive demonstration.

One Singaporean, Hua Dua Qia, said: “The way the BMW driver behaved is just what I expected. Nothing more, nothing less.”

“It is almost as if driving a BMW makes one predisposed to certain behaviours.”

Other locals said it is these sorts of BMW drivers who give other BMW drivers a bad name by being unsurpassable.

Another local, Xi Cheow Bin, said: “Now there is a standard bearer, other BMW drivers must try harder to live it up.”

“It would be disappointing to see any BMW driver pump less than S$135 of petrol and insisting on paying more for it.”

“If you want to be High SES, be High SES all the way.”

“Pump already then don’t pay at all is the best.”