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M’sian teaches S’poreans about YOLO

M’sian teaches S’poreans about YOLO

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Singaporeans told swag is more important than degrees.

Malaysia’s first male porn star and NUS law student, Alvin Tan, has said that having swag is more than degrees in a recent interview about his hopes and aspirations.

His comments come after he treated a lot of Singaporeans to images and videos of his willy and wants to educate Singaporeans about the meaning of YOLO.

However, at least one local tertiary institution offering degrees, is not taking things lying down. Unlike Vivian Lee.

They are planning on rebutting this disparaging remark in their own swag + intellectual way.

Singapore Management University (SMU) will defy Alvin and continue to market its students as graduates with swag — a move that has been kind of corny ever since SMU was officially incorporated in January 2000 — to continue to differentiate them from NUS and NTU students.

SMU will show that its students can have degrees and have sax. Publicly.

SMU student shows Alvin Tan what it means to have sax.