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S’poreans react to survey finding long working hours an obstacle to family time

S’poreans react to survey finding long working hours an obstacle to family time

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Three thoughts you must have had.


About 50 percent of 700 Singaporeans surveyed feel that long working hours prevent them from spending more time with their families, according to a survey by national family council Families For Life (FFL).

Here are three thoughts Singaporeans have:


sian-half-auntie “I wouldn’t have guessed otherwise.”
Wu Leow, 43-year-old spoon tester


sian-half-uncle “A new survey should find that spending time doing stupid surveys an obstacle to family time.”
Qu Nee Mah, 66-year-old tree doctor


happy-bird-girl “Having an affair will lead to more family time, because now you’d have two families.”
Gao Wai Yu, 19-year-old matchmaker










6 in 10 S’poreans lie when giving survey answers

6 in 10 S’poreans lie when giving survey answers

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This after only 4 in 10 Singaporeans say they prejudge others based on race.


Singaporeans in general are not very good at being truthful when answering surveys, a survey showed.

This after only 4 in 10 Singaporeans openly admitted that they prejudge others based on race.

This was one of a host of findings revealed at an Institute of Policy Studies and OnePeople.sg forum on indicators of racial and religious harmony on Wednesday morning.

Everyone knows everyone prejudges other people.

Unless you are Pope Francis. Or Mother Teresa.

The IPS research fellow who led and presented the findings of the study is Mathew Mathews.

See? Can you not judge when you see a name like Matthew Matthews? Is it because he is so good they named him twice?

2 in 10 S’poreans are rich douchebags

2 in 10 S’poreans are rich douchebags

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They just are.

Two in 10 Singaporeans are certified douchebags, a Land Transport Authority survey found.

This after 8 in 10 Singaporeans surveyed said they want certificates of entitlement (COE) to be recategorised because is is just too bloody expensive and unfair.

However, 2 in 10 Singaporeans did not have any objections to how COE is categorised and sold at the moment for exorbitant sums at all.

This means this group of individuals are rich douchebags who can afford anything.

Qiong Kwang Dan, a Singaporean man, said: “Steady lor, win already lor.”

A total of 3,700 respondents were surveyed by LTA. This makes the survey quite accurate in sampling Singaporeans as a whole.

So if you look around you, you can spot at least two douchebags in your vicinity.

Old and depressed Singaporeans?

Old and depressed Singaporeans?

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Why wait till you’re old to get depressed?

The Sunday Times on May 6, 2012 ran a report about the “Old & Depressed” in Singapore.

It has been discovered that 20 percent of the 412 elderly folks aged 75 years old and above who stayed at home showed signs of depression based on a study done by National University Health System.

To assess the risk of depression among the elderly, the following survey published alongside the article is helpful:

Take this survery! See if you're depressed!

A score of 5 or more indicates a risk of depression and you better seek follow-up assessment.

A score of 10 is a strong indication of depression.


How New Nation readers feel after taking the survey:

Oh never mind...

30% of voters are sceptical, but not politically cynical

30% of voters are sceptical, but not politically cynical

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Survey shows this group of voters are more politically knowledgeable.

The sceptical but non-cynical voter has been described as a non-mainstream media consumer who is more likely to be male, more educated, have more household income and younger.

A survey, conducted by the Institute of Policy Studies that polled 2,000 voters who cast their ballots at the recently concluded General Election in May, showed that 30% of these voters are sceptical consumers of information, but are interestingly, not politically cynical.

This group of information-consumers expressed less trust of the mainstream media, but also perceived blogs, Facebook and Twitter as not always fair.

They are not politically cynical because they care to stay engaged and are not distrustful of politicians’ motives and do believe that what they do can make a difference through their understanding of the process and participation.

This group is termed the non-mainstream media demographic by the researchers. This label coined by the researchers is for a group that tended to be young, male, more educated and come from a household with more household income.

However, it is also noted in the research that the online and offline participation of the non-MSM demographic is overall still low in absolute terms.

This article is a 60-second reduction of the original article published in The Straits Times on Oct. 5 (below).

Survey: Singaporean men one of the least bothered by revealing dressing at work

Survey: Singaporean men one of the least bothered by revealing dressing at work

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Only 29 percent feel cheesed off by women who wear revealing clothes in the office.

In a non-scientific survey conducted by LinkedIn to find out office worker’s pet peeves, 17,000 LinkedIn users in 16 countries were polled for their opinion.

One of the results? Only 29 percent of Singaporean men feel cheesed off by women who wear revealing clothes in the office. (Due to the non-scientific nature of the survey, we’ll never know if these men are gay or impotent.)

On the other hand, 57 percent of women in Singapore registered their disapproval.

In India, where outward display of moral rectitude is the case, 48 percent of men and 68 percent of women are turned off.

Australians, who evidently are a mix of liberal men and prudish women co-existing together on the underside of the world, registered 23 percent of male and 61 percent of female disapproval.

Another interesting finding: Singaporeans are the second most irritable professionals in the 17 countries surveyed — which is an insult (we must be number one in everything).

Their top three peeves are: People not taking ownership for their actions, dirty common areas, and constant complainers.

Indians have emerged number one in this survey, finding 19 of 38 listed habits irritating.

They also have rather sensitive ears, with 74 percent expressing a dislike for loud or irritating mobile phone ringtones. (If you considered what happens when 500 million handphones went off at one time, yes, it is bound to get noisy.)

The Italians, on the other hand, are the most chillaxed bunch, picking only 15 of 38 pet peeves. (They find most things acceptable, because if it isn’t, they will call for a hit.)

The Japanese are probably the least tolerant office workers around — 40 percent of them can’t stand office pranks.

So think twice before pulling one on your Otaku colleague. His fantasies can swing from Sailor Moon to gouging your eyes out. For fun.

Read the original article here.