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S’poreans suggest imposing pay-per-use surcharge for ministers

S’poreans suggest imposing pay-per-use surcharge for ministers

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Save money for taxpayers by reducing ministerial salaries.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who are about conservation and efficiency, are suggesting imposing a pay-per-use for ministers.

This is so as demand for ministerial talent is price inelastic. Increasing the ministerial salary will not lead to a corresponding decrease in the demand.

Moreover, ministers are not in use all the time, which leads to wastage for tax payers.

One Singaporean, Seng Lui, said: “A more effective approach would be to give incentives for reduced usage of ministers, and impose a pay-per-use surcharge for excessive usage of ministers.”

“For example, a GRC of 16,000 people could be allotted a certain amount of ministerial talent a month, once their usage exceeds that, they could be charged, say, S$5 for one hour, S$10 for two hours of ministerial usage, and so on.”

“This would be more effective in reducing ministerial salaries, as it is more reasonable to be charged when excessive amounts of ministers are used.”

At press time, Singaporeans agree any strategy that applies to water pricing can also apply to ministerial salaries.