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City Harvest Church goers thank S’poreans for outpouring of support during this tough period

City Harvest Church goers thank S’poreans for outpouring of support during this tough period

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They are comforted by the messages of thanks and public affirmation.


City Harvest Church goers from that particular walk of life, who like to be led by others they view as leaders, have come out to thank Singaporeans and the public-at-large for the support and encouragement since the trial verdict was announced.

This after six current and former CHC leaders were found guilty of fraud and all charges levelled against them.

One CHC member, Zi Chi Wo, said he is touched by the uplifting messages and the care and concern shown for his congregation that Singaporeans have provided in this difficult period: “I would like to personally thank all Singaporeans for standing by City Harvest and our dear leaders in this difficult time of transition.”

“Singaporeans have, by and large, been very caring and thoughtful during this period of time. I have received messages in private and out in public that they do not judge us and our actions, but want the best for us.”

“This is the kind of affirmative blessing our church preaches regularly.”

Other CHC members said they were touched by the strong national support and thank all would-be followers of their religion for sparing a thought.

Another CHC goer, Qi Dao, said: “The public reception to our trial has been positive and many Singaporeans have come up to me on the streets over the last few weeks saying that they trust us and that this is only a small misunderstanding.”

“In time to come, the truth will dawn and we will be vindicated as our church moves forward to do our best for this country and its people to show them the light.”

“We see things as they are and we are comforted that Singaporeans do as well, and they have been kind and helpful to our cause, which we will continue to champion.”

“There is no sense of disillusionment or a masking of reality.”

At press time, the exchange rate is 3.4 times of blessing for every 1 Sing dollar.