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Jurong residents organising 48-hour prayer fest for JEM Mall

Jurong residents organising 48-hour prayer fest for JEM Mall

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Several thousand taking turns to lay hands and pray for tragedy-stricken mall.


In a bid to cast out the remaining demons left in JEM Mall, thousands of Singaporeans from all walks of life have gathered together to lay hands and pray for the mall.

This after the mall suffered multiple episodes of bad fortune, such as having its supermarket catch fire and its ceiling collapsing spraying water all over the place two weeks ago.

This latest episode caused the mall to close for two weeks, leading Jurong residents to live out the darkest of days where all meaning is lost as they don’t have a mall to go to.

One Jurong resident, Hao Yun Lai, said: “We have gathered here today until Wednesday to continuously pray for JEM Mall. This marathon session will ensure we drive out all the evil.”

Others are not taking any chances.

Another resident, Du Zi Er, said: “We will fast and flagellate ourselves openly. The bloodletting will signal a new beginning.”

The Jurong residents will also invite the various religious leaders who prayed for the F1 race track earlier this month to bless the JEM Mall for added insurance.

But if something bad still happens, they will ask for their money back.