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Letter writer: NUS Students’ Political Association is promoting human-animal relations

Letter writer: NUS Students’ Political Association is promoting human-animal relations

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We need to ban this event and arrest the liberal agitators, letter writer says.


Dear New Nation,

I am horrified to learn that the National University of Singapore Students’ Political Association is promoting human-animal relations under the guise of Family policy discussion.

I was browsing this website called The Facebook the other day and saw that there will be a NUS forum on March 19, 2015 featuring Tampines MP Baey Yam Keng, AWARE’s Jolene Tan and Leow Yangfa from Oogachaga as speakers.

For publicity, NUSPA has put up an image that shows the silhouette of a woman and a dog raising a boy, as well as a boy raising two women and a woman and a man with unnaturally elongated arms that touch the floor that don’t resemble anyone I know of personally.

I have two issues with these details so far.

One, I am disturbed that NUS does not subscribe to social norms and mores by advocating for a one-man-one-woman nuclear family unit but has allowed other kinds of discussions to go on and infect mainstream consciousness with bastardised ideas of what a family unit can be.

As if homosexual coupling isn’t bad enough, we now have human-animal relations as well?

Look, I also have someone on The Facebook agreeing with this sentiment:


Two, why are all the speakers from pro-LGBT groups?

In Singapore today, we can find many men dressed as women and wearing tight-fitting clothes like this:


This is not right. We need normal people like pious upright Singaporean Thio Su Mien to stand up for normal Singaporeans. Why wasn’t she on the speaker line-up?

However, it is still not too late.

As a religious person with a big heart, I am willing to forgive NUS and the political association, as well as all the speakers, for their individual and collective wrongdoing, if they turn themselves in to the police station now to be apprehended for their senseless thoughts.

Or else, I’d be made to take drastic action like call on my MP to tell the ISD to arrest all these liberal agitators.

I know I am not alone in this. Someone else on The Facebook also shares this sentiments:


Yours truly,
Conservative Nazi


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