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Foreign construction workers owed wages encouraging others to work here

Foreign construction workers owed wages encouraging others to work here

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They will recommend Singapore to their country men.

Picture of Yishun construction site where foreign construction workers stopped working stolen from Andrew Loh, Publichouse.sg.

A total of 40 construction workers from China and India have stopped work at their site in Yishun, in what is perhaps the third “illegal strike” in Singapore in as many weeks.

This group of workers who have not received wages owed to them for the past few months are demanding to be paid and are strongly recommending others from their respective countries to come to Singapore to make a living here.

One Chinese worker said: “You won’t be afraid there is no work to do. Everywhere got build new HDB flats. Work 16 hours a day. The pay is a few hundred dollars — if you receive it. And there is a lot of camaraderie in our living quarters — about 20 men to one toilet bowl. I will definitely encourage others to take up this job.”

“So I can get out of here.”

An Indian national, Nomani Tueat, who has been working as a construction worker, said he has no regrets coming here.

Because he is past that feeling and is now suicidal.

“I just want my money back and go home,” he said.

One other Chinese worker, Mei Gong Qian, said he would recommend others to come to work in Singapore: “I hope more people will come to Singapore and take up this low-paying job in construction.”

“Because I can’t take it anymore.”