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Super gracious Straits Times to pocket money raised in charity auction

Super gracious Straits Times to pocket money raised in charity auction

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In return, they’re giving 1000 low-income families much more: One year’s worth of ST and free knowledge.

Straits Times logic: Low-income families don't need money. They need newspapers.

One thousand needy families are about to have their lives turned around as they receive the gift of the century: One year’s worth of free subscription to The Straits Times.

This is going to happen after ST is expected to auction off a sponsored Volkswagen car for more than its $107,500 price tag, with the winning bidder announced after July 15.

That money raised will be channeled into ST, which then decides that the less-privileged require newspapers.

ST editor Warren Fernandez was quoted as saying about this marketing drive and assistance to the low-income families: “We want to give the young in these families a precious gift: access to information and a window to the world and all its possibilities. That will help them get ahead in life. We sincerely believe a daily copy of the ST delivered to their homes will do that.”

Some of the low-income families spoken to, agree that ST will provide the necessary head start.

Ms. Jin Kia See, a 30-year-old mother of a pair of boy-girl twins, said: “Learning the ins and outs of the Greek crisis and Malaysian politics is invaluable for Xiao Ming. It will undoubtedly serve him well during his PSLE.”

She also said: “My girl, Xiao Hua, will also learn practical lessons. She will know about voting for and serving the PAP.  She can then marry a high-flying civil servant and get out of poverty.”

The high quality of ST is also praised for its consistent standard.

Char Kai Lan, a 40-year-old housewife who stays in a rental flat, thanked ST for being a “high-quality newspaper”.

She said: “ST is a high quality newspaper. That’s why I use it to wrap vegetables, as it is thick and absorbent.”

The mother of seven also said: “Lianhe Wanbao is the worst quality newspaper, by the way. Too much colouring.”

ST has even raised the standard of living incrementally for some, even before its free giveaway.

A recent ST convert, 65-year-old retiree, Zhou Gou, said: “Now that I subscribe to ST, my dog no longer suffers from incontinence everywhere around the house.”

“It knows exactly where to pee and poop.”

The subscription fee for ST is $300 annually.

Pissed with what the Straits Times is doing? Donate to the Singapore Children’s Society instead. Find out more!

New Nation donates $0.50 to Straits Times charity account

New Nation donates $0.50 to Straits Times charity account


New Nation’s editors are donating half a dollar in total for SPH’s Volkswagen auction.

This is the first time the current affairs alternative news site is contributing to charity.

The largest donor of the amount, Mr Belmont Lay, is contributing $0.30 with Mr Fang and Mr Lee splitting the rest of the sum equally.

The annual SPH Volkswagen auction is in its sixth year. Volkswagen donates a car each year and this year, it is donating a Volkswagen CC (1.8 TSI) worth $107,500, which is slightly less than the current COE price in the open category ($86,889).

All the proceeds from the auction will go towards sponsoring one-year subscriptions to ST for some 1,000 low-income families. A yearly subscription to the ST costs about $300.

Said Mr Lay: “We at New Nation are delighted to donate fifty cents for the first time to help the Straits Times increase its subscriber base. If ST goes bust, we’ll have no one to make fun of.”

“We want to help young journalists in Singapore find a job: keeping ST alive is the only way to do it because of the media monopoly.”

The ST is no stranger to dangling goodies to increase its readership. According to a Nielsen Media Index Report released in November last year, ST readership declined 1.1% from the year before, which is a loss of roughly 20,000 readers from its readership of 1.842 million in 2010.

In response, the ST — which New Nation regards as the gold standard of journalism — held a lucky draw to new subscribers in January this year, dangling $80,000 worth of gold stuff.

The traditionally straight laced, objective paper has also been exploring unconventional strategies as of late, venturing into satire.

Over 100 aspiring young jokers attended The Straits Times Media Club Camp on Tuesday, and were tasked with creating ‘publications with purpose’. Among the ideas were a weekly aimed at mocking the PAP titled Shut Up And Read and another championing Singapore’s rising porn stars called Taboo Mouth.

Pissed with what the Straits Times is doing? Donate to the Singapore Children’s Society instead. Find out more!