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Steve Jobs recommended for presidential appointment despite mediocre grades

Steve Jobs recommended for presidential appointment despite mediocre grades


Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was described as “a deceptive individual…who will twist the truth and distort reality in order to achieve his goals”, according to a source interviewed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The interview was found in a file released on Thursday.

The same source, who does not consider Jobs to be a friend, also suggested that he was suited for a high level political position, adding that “honesty and integrity are not required qualities to hold such a position”.

The 191-page profile on Steve jobs was gathered as part of a 1991 background check to determine his suitability for a presidential appointment to George H. W. Bush’s Export Council.

Various persons were interviewed in the course of creating the 191-page profile of Steve Jobs, including former colleagues and social acquaintances.

All the interviewees recommended him for the position despite a common consensus that he could be an asshole narcissistic, shallow, callous and “not supportive” of the high school girlfriend he banged up, though he later became closer to her as well as his child born out of wedlock.

Other key points from the document were gleaned in this article, just in case you’re too lazy to pick through the tome.

For underachievers looking for further proof that school is a waste of time, Jobs’ high school GPA was a mediocre 2.65. He did not graduate from University, which could be good news for those looking to save on tuition fees that will be raised between 4 to 6 percent this year.