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Fake news website raises real money for children’s charity

Fake news website raises real money for children’s charity

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Charity drive started was in response to The Straits Times godawful marketing-cum-charity stunt.

A Singapore-based fake news website has raised real money for charity this past month.

New Nation, the third-most overrated website on the Internet with only “50% real news”, has been encouraging its readers to donate money directly to the Singapore Children’s Society.

A total of S$2,855 was raised, with the single highest donor giving S$500.

All donations were received via GIVE.sg, a site that facilitates the solicitation of donations for free.

Dropping its usual editorial stance of spoofing current affairs, New Nation decided to do something worthwhile for the less privileged instead of LOL-ing all the time.

But the real reason? The charity drive started in late May was in response to a charity auction announced by The Straits Times, which has since left a very bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths.

The national English broadsheet is pocketing the money raised from auctioning off a sponsored car by Volkswagen.

In return, they would finance the subscription fees for ST’s very own newspaper to 1000 low-income families for one year.

The audacity.

The sponsored car is expected to raise more than $100,000 during the auction, which is the car’s market value.

The results of the auction have not been declared even though it was held on July 15, where ST had their major anniversary song-and-dance at the Gardens by the Bay.

This unpopular charity-cum-marketing drive, initially announced on May 29, came about a month after ST gave away a 1kg solid gold bar worth $80,000 as a top prize to a single newspaper subscriber in a lucky draw.

Like I said, the bloody audacity.

To address the concerns raised online by many unhappy ex-readers and non-readers of the newspaper, ST’s editor, Warren Fernandez, was prompted to write an open letter explaining that “(p)roviding 1,000 household with subscriptions for a year would cost about $300,000.”

But he was too shy to truly explain that the real cost of newspapers is much lesser as printing an extra 1,000 copies a day is not going to deduct too much from ST’s bottom line.

The initial plan was for New Nation to raise $107,500 to match the price of the car from Volkswagen, but that target could not be met because Singaporeans, in the first place, are finding it hard to give when their salaries are eroded by inflation.

But, whatever.

$2,855 beats one-year’s supply of vegetable wrapping paper. Hands down.