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S’porean man won’t confirm or deny allegations he watches porn

S’porean man won’t confirm or deny allegations he watches porn

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His refusal to dignify the question with an answer is like how Singapore will not confirm or deny if she spies.


A Singaporean man, Kuah Poh Noh, said on Friday he would not be drawn into confirming or denying allegations that he watches porn on a regular basis.

Kuah, an IT professional, told reporters outside his home that his family and friends are aware that he has no intention to harm relations with them, while steadfastly refusing to address the question as to whether his porn-watching habit exists.

“You cannot say, this is five percent true or 95 percent true, that I watch American and Asian porn but not when there are Australians in the video,” Kuah said.

The ensuing back-and-forth on any statement on specific allegations about how often one watches porn constitutes a regular habit would be “never ending,” he added.

“The point is that my friends and family know that I won’t do anything to harm their interests,” the bespectacled man who used to date an accountant because she is more outgoing than a librarian said.

Kuah, who considers himself a religious person, said he works closely with friends and family to prepare the occasional dinner and look after his nephew and two nieces, which makes him a good person.





Spying not as serious as hacking, S’poreans insist

Spying not as serious as hacking, S’poreans insist

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They echo government’s stance that hacking is terrorism because people can die from it.

BFF -- not

BFF — not

Singaporeans from all walks of life with varying levels of trust issues are echoing the government’s perspective by saying that hacking is more serious a problem than spying.

This after recent revelations by Edward Snowden that Singapore is a partner of the United States in spying on Malaysia and Indonesia.

One Singaporean, Hen Huai Yi, said: “Yah, spying for the US is definitely not as severe as hacking. This is because hacking is akin to terrorism as it endangers people’s lives.”

“Spying, on the other hand, will not cause people to die.”

Another Singaporean, Zhen Que De, said Singapore assisting US in spying is the right thing to do as Singapore can never be wrong: “If Singapore says hacking is akin to terrorism, then surely it is. And if Singapore helps spy on Malaysia, we cannot question this action, because we can’t.”

“It is definitely right.”


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