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Why ST shouldn’t report on SPH events

Why ST shouldn’t report on SPH events


It brings about unwanted scrutiny.

So, there was this piece of news published in The Straits Times a few days ago on March 28, 2013 about a blogger networking session organised by SPH that featured a panel of four bloggers talking about blogging for money and stuff.

It’s meant to plug the upcoming sixth Singapore Blog Awards to be held in July (which is another event by SPH).


On the surface, everything looks innocent enough.

However, on closer reading, one can come up with three very, very good reasons why ST should never cover SPH’s own events.

1. People can spot shameless plugs

It is one thing to disguise a shameless plug for SPH events as a straight news piece.

It is quite another to report that the four bloggers who formed the panel at the event are “well-known”.

Who were the four?

Daniel Ang (http://danielfooddiary.com/)

Aussie Pete (http://aussiepete.com/)

Grace Tan (http://workingwithgrace.wordpress.com/)

Christine Ng (http://chrispytinetoo.blogspot.sg/)

Come on lah, no one knows who these four people are in the first place.

Because if these four can be described as “well-known”, then bloggers like Mr Brown is what? Biblically famous?

And aren’t reporters supposed to avoid using adjectives in news reporting?

Look, if it was Bill Gates who was hosting a sharing session instead, I’m sure the reporter won’t describe him as a “well-known” entrepreneur, right?

Reputation speaks for itself.

2. People can spot dubious facts

This next point really takes the cake.

One of the bloggers, polytechnic lecturer Daniel Ang who writes about food, is reported to have claimed during the event that his “blog gets 25,000 hits a day”.

Firstly, how do we even know if he is not bullshitting?

Secondly, who’s checking the facts? The reporter Jessica Lim sure as hell didn’t.

Because this “25,000 hits a day” figure is highly dubious.

25,000 hits a day is reserved for a Singaporean site such as TREmeritus. Right anot, Richard?

If you’re not convinced, you can go to the somewhat flawed but usable website ranking portal Alexa.com to snoop around a little bit.

3. People only bother about the hot chick

Lastly, as the Internet is a breeding ground for superficiality, I’m sorry, but everyone on the blogger panel is chopped liver compared to Christine Ng.

If you go to her blog, you would immediately notice she has a penchant of taking pictures of her bottom.

Pictures stolen from http://chrispytinetoo.blogspot.sg/

Pictures stolen from http://chrispytinetoo.blogspot.sg/

And taking kinky pictures of herself.

Picture stolen from http://chrispytinetoo.blogspot.sg/

Picture stolen from http://chrispytinetoo.blogspot.sg/

And that’s why she is the only blogger that matters.

You, the reader, should, therefore, know this: The entire SPH event boils down to one blogger having a nice bottom.

Everything else is just pointless chatter.