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MPs extremely touched by their own speech in Parliament

MPs extremely touched by their own speech in Parliament

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They were impressed by themselves, many thought to and about themselves.


Numerous Members of Parliament from some walks of life, because they mainly come from the PAP who take up such a large chunk of Parliament, are feeling very moved and touched.

This after they each gave a speech in Parliament for the Budget debate and were moved to tears by the force of their own rhetoric, crispness of their diction, insight into the plight of the suffering and overwhelming fevour of their own conviction to right all wrongs in Singapore society.

One PAP MP was thought to have thought to himself: “I spoke with a conviction I never felt since I got elected during GE2015 last September 2015.”

“I was extremely touched by the sound of my voice and the position I espouse. I believe Singaporeans from all walks of life will hear my speech and weep as I have wept, as I was really, really moved.”

Other MPs were reported to have thought to themselves that they too did extremely well and have moved even themselves to do soul-searching in the aftermath of their words having been spoken.

Another MP from the ruling party, was believed to have thought: “This speech will convince all my naysayers that I have so much substance and belief.”

“I nailed it completely. The electorate made the right decision giving me this strong mandate. This will make me a superstar MP praised by the Internet and social media people.”

“I have so much belief and so much to give. It’s amazing.”

At press time, Singaporeans from all walks of life were not aware parliament was in session.






S’poreans react to President Tony Tan’s 13th parliament address after swearing in session

S’poreans react to President Tony Tan’s 13th parliament address after swearing in session

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Three thoughts that must have went past your mind at some point.


President Tony Tan delivered his opening address to Parliament on Jan. 15, 2016, hours after 89 Members of Parliament (MPs) and two Non-Constituency MPs (NCMPs) were sworn in.

In his opening address, he outlined five key aims for Government to fulfil: Keeping Singapore safe and secure, renewing the economy, fostering a more caring society, transforming the urban landscape, and engaging and partnering with Singaporeans in nation building.

Here are three thoughts Singaporeans have:


sian-half-auntie “That has got to be one of the most expensive speeches of all time.”
Jiang Niao Hua, 43-year-old pet shop owner


sian-half-uncle “Nice to see he met his KPI this year so early on already.”
Zhuan Da Qian, 63-year-old ex-banker


happy-bird-girl “I am impressed he doesn’t put himself to sleep at the rate he is going.”
Swee Jiao, 17-year-old dropout