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No fake news in S’pore if S’poreans remained illiterate

No fake news in S’pore if S’poreans remained illiterate

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Literacy caused them to consume fake news.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who are literate, have found the source of fake news in Singapore.

This after they traced the origins of fake news to the ability to read and write, as a result of improved literacy over the decades.

One Singaporean, Jiang Yin Wen, said: “Fake news is only a problem if you can consume it. And the only way to consume it is to be literate.”

“Therefore, the policy of educating Singaporeans is wrong and should not have taken place.”

“If Singaporeans remained illiterate and uncommunicative, there will not be fake news in society in the first place because no one can consume it.”

Other locals said tracing the origins does not go back far enough.

Another local, Pian Ren, said: “There wouldn’t have been a fake news problem in Singapore if there was no Singapore.”

“It is either Lee Kuan Yew’s fault or Sir Stamford Raffles’ fault.”

“Therefore, there shouldn’t have been humans in the first place.”

“If there was no humans, there wouldn’t be any consumers, and so, there wouldn’t be fake news.”