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SMRT Ltd (Feedback) voted top 300 most influential in S’pore beside PM Lee Hsien Loong

SMRT Ltd (Feedback) voted top 300 most influential in S’pore beside PM Lee Hsien Loong

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Outstanding contributions to Singapore society.


Singapore’s pro-community Facebook page, SMRT Ltd (Feedback), has been voted the top 300 most influential personalities in Singapore by Tatler.

The other nominees include Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and other men in suits in ties.

SMRT Ltd (Feedback)’s various contributions to Singapore include, but are not limited to:

– Improving racial ties between different groups in Singapore via politically incorrect jokes
– Creating a more egalitarian humanistic environment online where they will occasionally tag Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong showing that there is a flat hierarchy
– Raise money for a Vietnamese tourist scammed at Sim Lim Square
– Raise money for an old man cheated by two women of his life savings
– Exposing malpractices in society
– Encouraging Singaporeans to contribute monetary and cognitive surpluses for the advancement of our shared identity
Predicting correctly the 2011 General Election results ahead of time

And so on.

They could be bestowed the Order of Temasek next if they keep up with their good work.


SMRT Ltd (Feedback) achievements:

SMRT Ltd (Feedback) puts professional pundits to shame

Economy rice seller demands Sim Lim Square scam shop owner pay $1,000 for cai png warranty

Xiaxue’s lawyer looks set to make a lot of money off Xiaxue

Xiaxue’s lawyer looks set to make a lot of money off Xiaxue

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By forcing SMRT Ltd (Feedback) to shut up, another 10 Facebook pages will pop up to take its place.


Xiaxue’s lawyer, whom she engaged to take out a Protection Order against Facebook group SMRT Ltd (Feedback) and serving them notice via email and Facebook, looks set to make big bucks from his blogger client.

This after the lawyer successfully got the State Courts to issue a Protection Order under Originating Summons to shut SMRT Ltd (Feedback) up, prevent them from publishing or continuing to publish more honest statements about Xiaxue — for now.

Singaporeans who heard of this news roundly applauded the lawyer’s candour and actions, as he is set to become very rich making money off Xiaxue because he will never run out of work applying for protection orders on Xiaxue’s behalf.

Tan Dua Lui, one Singaporean who was very impressed, said with SMRT Ltd (Feedback) clamming up, another 10 or more Facebook pages run by anonymous people will be set up to take its place and she will have to engage her lawyer’s services on a routine basis: “Wah the lawyer is damn smart making a lot of money off her.”

“One Facebook page can shut up now. But this will cause 10 Facebook pages run by anonymous people to be set up to take its place.”

“The she needs her lawyer to send 10 letters on her behalf to the admin of the 10 Facebook pages.”

“And after they shut up, another 100 anonymous Facebook pages will be set up to take their place.”

“Imagine one letter he writes she pays him $25… 100 letters will cost $2,500.”

“Wah I should have gone to law school last time so I can also make so much money sending emails.”

“Maybe grow up already can help defend the future prime minister and earn derisory amounts of money.”


Engaging a lawyer is peanuts because Xiaxue is awesome:

Xiaxue deserves our respect

Thanks, Xiaxue, for ruining family photos forever

S’porean children lament the state of adults after witnessing Xiaxue-Gushcloud spat

NSF recruits say monthly SAF allowance of $480 is ‘not derisory enough’

$10,000 notes phased out in S’pore as they are not derisory enough



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SMRT Ltd (Feedback) claims Melody Chen as latest victim

SMRT Ltd (Feedback) claims Melody Chen as latest victim

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SMRT Ltd (Feedback) 7 Singaporeans in general 0.





When will Singaporeans in general ever learn?

Just like the PAP, the answer could very well be “never”.

The latest somewhat high profile Singaporean to fall for monster troll SMRT Ltd (Feedback)‘s antics is Melody Chen.

In her rage, she shared a video showing an SMRT bus driver cutting his nails while driving on the expressway. Without checking how legit SMRT Ltd (Feedback) is, she tagged them.

But really, she basically made three blunders.

One, she shared The Real Singapore‘s post on Facebook.

Two, she anyhow tag on Facebook.

Three, she anyhow tag on Twitter.

Oh don’t get us wrong.

We adore Melody Chen. She’s really pretty.


Look at this. Just look at this.

Ok. All’s good. All’s forgiven.

SMRT Ltd (Feedback) trolls S’pore (again)

SMRT Ltd (Feedback) trolls S’pore (again)

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Claims acoustic fingerstyle Singapore national anthem is real and people bought it without using their brains.

The master of trolls has struck again.

SMRT Ltd (Feedback) — the no. 1 troll master on Facebook — has pulled a fast one on Singaporeans who cannot think for themselves.

On a Facebook post on July 21, 2013, they claimed to have found a rare recording of the Singapore national anthem being played fingerstyle on guitar by its composer.


And after the post went viral with more than 1.4k Likes, they came out to say that it is fake.


They simply ripped off a YouTube guitar video playing the Singapore national anthem fingerstyle. And added background sounds of the beach with children playing.

And the best part?

They fooled Temasek Review.

SMRT Ltd (Feedback) plays mind games

SMRT Ltd (Feedback) plays mind games


Have they really transferred ownership of Facebook page, or is it another level of epic trolling?

SMRT Ltd (Feedback)'s new cover photo suggesting the Facebook page that was involved in some massive trolling is being handled over to the real legitimate SMRT LTD owners.

SMRT Ltd (Feedback)’s new cover photo suggesting the Facebook page that was involved in some massive trolling is being handled over to the real legitimate SMRT LTD owners.

Singaporeans from all walks of life are experiencing some massive mind [email protected]#kery.

Following the announcement in late February by mega trolling Facebook page SMRT Ltd (Feedback) that they are closing down, another statement was issued on March 14 saying that there will be a transfer of ownership of the page to the real and legitimate SMRT LTD by April 1.



This was followed by the publication of a lawyer’s letter to cease and desist from impersonation.


However, followers of the page have pointed out inconsistencies and glaring evidence that this is actually another level of epic trolling.

The lawyer’s letter contained a telephone number that was not in use, a lack of paragraphing between points 3 and 4 and an unusually high amount of damages sought.

Many of the followers on SMRT Ltd (Feedback) have been calling their bluff since the date of revelation will fall on April Fools’ Day.

However, the cover photo that was recently changed plus the inclusion of the real SMRT feedback form appears genuine.

This is leaving a lot of people with smoke coming out of their ears.

Farewell, SMRT Ltd (Feedback)

Farewell, SMRT Ltd (Feedback)


We bid you adieu and godspeed.

Mega trolling Facebook page, SMRT Ltd (Feedback) has called it a day.

In its last post dated Feb. 28, the anonymous administrators notorious for their politically-incorrect antics wrote: “This shall probably be our last post as we retire this page indefinitely. We hope our ‘contribution’ here has been of moral benefit to all of you.”


SMRT Ltd (Feedback), you will be missed.

We bid you adieu and godspeed.

Here we compile the greatest mega troll’s achievements in the last few months.

To their credit, they trolled Kenneth Jeyaretnam big time and managed to get Lee Hsien Loong to follow them on Twitter.

A pretty mean feat, given that one has a penchant for calling the police while the other happens to be LKY’s son.

SMRT (Ltd) Feedback has taught us to be introspective while living in a world that has increasingly lost its ability to laugh at itself.

They taught what it means to be concise, precise and clever.

And they taught us how to love our own myopic and cock-eyed view of race and its relations in Singapore.

#01 Giving Kenneth Jeyaretnam free publicity


And keeping up with it:


#02 Getting Lee Hsien Loong to follow them


#03 Induce the Singapore Police Force to spy on them


#04 Pick up chicks




#05 Provide timely, concise replies to queries


#06 Teach commuters to be grateful


#07 Teach us the power of knowledge


#08 Point out Freudian slips


#09 Giving it as good as it gets


#10 Putting us Chinese in our place


#11 Guide to being intentionally sexual


#12 Learn how to properly attribute blame


We only hope you guys can come back with a vengeance. That would be epic awesome.

But you were good while you lasted.

(That’s what she said.)

SMRT Ltd (Feedback) puts professional pundits to shame

SMRT Ltd (Feedback) puts professional pundits to shame

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Troll Facebook page makes better predictions than political analysts.

SMRT Feedback (Ltd) practises some kind of sorcery.

SMRT Feedback (Ltd) practises some kind of sorcery.

Step aside Eugene Tan, Bridget Welsh and Gillian Koh.

There is a new political pundit in town who is making better predictions than all you highly-paid ivory tower-types combined.

Round of applause for SMRT Ltd (Feedback), a troll website believed to be run by a group of anonymous administrators who are politically-conscious, yet politically-incorrect.

Check out their predictions over the past three elections:


While everyone — mostly political pundits with Expensive University Credentials were saying this Punggol East SMC by-election was too close to call or settling for a PAP win — SMRT Ltd (Feedback) stood out like a sore thumb.

And predicted a 10 percent Workers’ Party victory margin. And they made the prediction way early on.

Seriously, what kind of sorcery is this?



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Mediacorp artiste Tay Ping Hui gets trolled by SMRT (Ltd) Feedback, a fake feedback channel that is genuinely funny.* (See Editor’s Note at the end.)

Oh dear, Tay Ping Hui!

In his Dec. 17 tweet, Ah Ping, riding on the train breakdowns (HAHA! THIS IS SUCH A COCKED-UP PUN), tried to troll SMRT into giving out a day of free rides and proposing to his followers to take his tweet viral:



Little did he know, this innocuous tweet of Ah Ping’s will see him get trolled by the fake but geninuely funny SMRT (Ltd) Feedback Twitter channel.

Late on Jan. 2, 2012, for some reason, the war of words started.

SMRT (Ltd) Feedback responded by taking the mickey out of Ah Ping, calling him “a cheapskate”:



After which, it was downhill for Ah Ping from then on. Not wanting to take things lying down, Ah Ping replied:



And because 140 characters is too short, Ah Ping had to say some more about 10 minutes later:



Ladies and gentlemen, hold on to your seats! I give you, SMRT (Ltd) Feedback’s punchline reply!



Unable to upstage such a witty and spot-on remark, Ah Ping can only resort to grovelling:

Like, c’mon man, what’s there for SMRT (Ltd) Feedback to feel embarrassed about, you continental car-driving member of the electric fish tank?



Last but not least, to add on because 140 characters is too short again, Ah Ping said he is feeling magnanimous:

Strangely, these last two tweets can no longer be found at its source… Mmmm… Wonder why.



*Editor’s Note: This sentence was edited on Jan. 3, 4:12 a,m. as a reader pointed out “Mediacorp” was spelt as “Mediumcock”. Auto correct function on iPad to blame.