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SMRT Ltd (Feedback) update: It’s all a hoax, folks

SMRT Ltd (Feedback) update: It’s all a hoax, folks


Troll king SMRT Ltd (Feedback) is back!

For all those out there who really thought that the demise of mega troll king SMRT Ltd (Feedback) at the end of February was real, you have been massively trolled.

The infamous Facebook page is back.

And this is after they put out a shocking announcement on March 14 suggesting that they have even transferred ownership to the real SMRT Ltd.

This are their latest Facebook posts chastising all those who really thought they were gone for good:


Apparently, 1.1K of unlikes were registered during the four days SMRT Ltd (Feedback) played it like they were really handing it over to the real transport operator.

Welcome back, assholes!