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2011 in retrospect

2011 in retrospect

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When New Nation started out a year back, nearly 90% of people polled said it wouldn’t take off. One well-known former entrepreneur (and now regular speaker at various entrepreneurship conferences) even said not to waste time and money to start it because it was doomed to fail to begin with. Because no one will pay for “citizen journalism”.

Of course he was right. One year on, we’re barely breaking even with ad sales. Google adsense even blocked us recently for click fraud; someone clicked incessantly on the ad so of course, our account was blacklisted.

It was a roller coaster 2011. Besides doing some ‘coverage’ (I’m using the word loosely because we satirise things on this site) of the General and Presidential elections, we were also hacked once and DDoSed.

To cope with the heavy coverage during GE, we tried enticing university students to contribute by holding weekly essay competitions with $60 as a cash prize. Didn’t work. We also tried paying writers $60 per piece to contribute. But some pieces that came in were so bad, we had to rewrite the whole thing so it became a waste of time AND money. Needless to say, we’re not paying writers anymore.

To cope with the tech demands of a site that many people strangely seem to hate, we had to shift servers until we found a load management system that matched our readership spikes. Upsize, downsize, change companies, clean the code… all this takes time and money.

The guru was right. New Nation can’t function as a company, not yet at least. Because no one will pay for online content today. Unless we start selling merchandise, or accepting donations, there’s no way, in the short term, that New Nation could ever function as a full-fledged company/organisation with full-time staff.

But we’re not beggars and therefore we can be choosers. We choose not to accept donations because that would put us at the mercy of our donors. And there’s also the thorny issue of accountability. Should we be accountable to our paymasters, our readers, ourselves, or the general public? Being self-funded gives us editorial independence. We can choose what we want to write, how we want to cover it, and if we want to change our image overnight there’s no one to say no to it.

Our readership has grown to 30,000 unique visitors a month over the past year. A definite down from our peak during the 2011 General Elections, but still not bad for a blog that makes infantile cracks at local politics.

Still, we have a long way to go.

Our 30,000 a month is pitiful compared to xiaxue, who gets 40,000 A DAY. Even her nemesis Dawn Yang gets 60,000 a month. I would gather that Mr Brown’s readership floats somewhere between those two numbers.

If you’re wondering why I’m using them as a benchmark, it’s because in the blogging realm, they ARE the benchmark. Terence and I may have our roots in The Online Citizen but it is the 5 million Singaporeans out there that we’re targetting, and not those already convinced that political coverage online is essential reading material. By the way, even the readership for Temasek Review, I’ve been told, doesn’t come anywhere near Xiaxue.

Believe it or not, the majority of people out there don’t give a hoot about politics or social issues except maybe for the week prior to the elections. It is the nature of the internet and facebook to convince you that there are many people around that sympathise with your cause, whatever that may be. Try sympathising with Dr. Chee on the PAP facebook page, or saying that women should stop dressing like sluts if they don’t want to be mistaken for prostitutes, on the Slutwalk page.

100 ‘likes’ does not make for majority opinion. Neither does 10 comments about “Stinkaporeans” versus one lone dissenter show that a revolution is on its way.

2011 has been a fun and occasionally expensive year. 2012 will be a challenge considering that there are no major events on the calendar. How’s a satirical site going to survive without politicians tripping over themselves?

That’s when you, yes YOU come in. Write in, take pictures, let us know if there’s anything worth sniggering about about on this island. Half naked men, broken down trains, flooded shopping centres.. share the fun.

After all New Nation is only as good as its audience-participants. YOU, my dear readers make the New Nation.

Who cares about what the SlutWalk critics think?

Who cares about what the SlutWalk critics think?

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An enthusiastic supporter speaks her mind.

Dear Editor,

I’m Liberal Slut, and I’ll be 22 this year. And in case you’re wondering, Liberal Slut is my real name. I was Victoria Ng, but my name change became official last Sunday (4th December) — the day of SlutWalk Singapore.

I’m writing in because I want to voice my honest opinion regarding the fierce debate surrounding SlutWalk. But first, a full disclosure about myself: I’m bi-sexual, well-educated, and frankly speaking, smarter, cooler, and better looking than 99 percent of Singaporeans. I have 15 male partners and 6 female partners — well above average, if Durex is right.

While I can only speak halting Mandarin, I make up for it with my extensive knowledge of feminism, sociology, and queer history. I eat Foucault’s texts for breakfast.  Read the full story

Abercrombie & Fitch promoting homosexuality, exhibitionism in Singapore

Abercrombie & Fitch promoting homosexuality, exhibitionism in Singapore

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Liberal agitators have had their way in our country for too long. Now’s the time to take it back, argues this letter writer.

Dear Editor,

I am writing in to express my outrage at Abercrombie & Fitch’s latest shenanigans. As if putting a gigantic ad of a naked man in the middle of Orchard Road is not obscene enough, now they want to hire male models as “shirtless greeters” in their new outlet that’s soon to open here!

What has our beloved country sunk into? Read the full story

Male porn star: Stud. Female porn star: Slut

Male porn star: Stud. Female porn star: Slut

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Is that double-standard? Well, it depends on which way you look.

By Terence Lee

Porn star Maria Ozawa. Slut or Stud?

Recently, the ever fabulous Chinese tabloid Lianhe Wanbao revealed that Singapore’s first ever male porn star turned out to be one Mr Zhang, a 60-year-old dude who runs a business in Balestier.

The report goes:

He was only 23 years old, newly wed and has no worries about money when he started starring in porn movies in the early 70s.

When asked why he did it, Mr Zhang said, “”The pornographic film was an investment from a friend in Taiwan and he liked my body build. I was young and adventurous, so I went to do it without telling my family.”

“Although the actresses are beautiful, it’s not easy making porn movies,” he added. Read the full story

SlutWalk: a celebration of the right to be slutty even when you aren’t

SlutWalk: a celebration of the right to be slutty even when you aren’t

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An initial protest against rape victim blaming has somehow transformed into a movement for non-slutty women to walk out in their undies without fear of being called an eyesore.

It all started when Toronto policemen informed women attending a “personal security class” in York university that “women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized”.

What followed was an outraged protest against rape-victim-blaming in the form of the SlutWalk. SlutWalk, essentially, is a march celebrating the inner slut that apparent exists within all women. Characterised by hordes of women proudly painting the streets with their bodies clad in either slutty attire or, for the more conservative ones, a simple T-shirt with the word “SLUT” scrawled hastily, the slutwalk is an extension of women’s rights which now apparently encompasses a woman’s rights to look like a slut without shame or fear of being raped.

It’s happened in Toronto, Boston, London, New Delhi and one’s happening right here in Singapore in December.

Now fellas, before you start letting your imagination run wild with images of women dressed as porn stars flocking the streets, take a closer look at the picture above.

Plus-sized, ugly, plain, old – women come in all shapes and sizes. All these women who’re out on the streets protesting, clearly have a deep-seated fear of being raped.

Now there’s really no way to put this across sensitively –

a slut has to be hot or at the very least, sexually attractive. Miss wholesome, blonde and chubby with her chubby counterpart? Not sluts. As for this liberated woman wearing the BDSM-inspired bra-top? She looks like an insane hyena, not a slut. As a wide-circulated internet saying goes: “Do not stick your dick in crazy”.

A happily liberated woman

Merely showing some skin doesn’t automatically bump just any woman into the “slut” category. If there were any benchmark to follow – this would probably exemplify The Slut.

A Hawt slut

That’s Julia Roberts’ hooker character in the movie Pretty Woman. That’s The Hot Slut. And a whore at that since she gets paid for sleeping around.

So what’s a slut? A woman who sleeps around – yes. Who wears her sexual availability prominently – yes. Who is promiscuous – yes. An average slut would be your not-bad-looking-under-strobe-lights, promiscuous skank out at St James on a Saturday night looking for a one-night stand. Ugly sluts exist too, but they’re probably more difficult to come by. Men, as I gather, look for attractive women to have intercourse with.

So here’s my confusion with the basic philosophy behind ‘SlutWalk’.

It started off as an indignant protest against the policeman who told a bunch of university students with conventional and not scientific wisdom that dressing like sluts would make one more susceptible to rape.

Then it became a demand for women to be able to dress like sluts without public disaffection, thereby putting a whole new spin on the familiar insults “you shameless slut”.

Now as the SlutWalk Singapore chapter in Singapore has stated: it has become a protest against sexual assault + a protest for rape victims’ rights + a demand for respect.

To paraphrase the gist of the message now: “I demand to be respected as an independent female even as I dress like a whore.” A Slut Pride parade if you will.

Except that – if the photos plastered online were any indication – a fair bit of SlutWalkers don’t exactly qualify as sluts. So unless these wholesome voluptious women with no business showing their overflowing bits in a overly-tight bra top out in public HAVE actually been called a slut previously, their protest to be called a slut without shame makes no sense. Like a meat-eating person joining PETA.

To put it more crudely: Put on some better fitting clothes woman. No one’s calling you a slut. And while you’re at it, get some higher-cut jeans too, your ass crack is showing.

Furthermore, various angry feminists groups and hardworking researchers have shown that rapists in fact, don’t give a hoot about their victims’ getup at all. So a protest for the right to dress like a slut without the fear of being raped, makes no sense either. All women – skanky or not – have an equal chance of being raped.

So what will be the purpose of SlutWalkers when they take to the streets here in December? A demand to be sexually promiscuous without fear of being raped? A demand to wear sexual promiscuity prominently and be respected as a moral woman at the same time? A demand for skankily-clad virgins not to be looked upon as whores?

Going by the previous SlutWalks, it’s probably going to be an occasion for women to turn up in their undies without fear of being judged by their sexual un-attractiveness as they rally together in a common message: the right to be respected no matter what.