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Low-cost budget travel seducing more foreigners to Singapore

Low-cost budget travel seducing more foreigners to Singapore


Tourists numbers expected to hit all-time high.

Singapore is expecting more visitors to crash our party in 2013, with some 14 million tourists expected to further burst this island at the seams.

Singapore has long established itself as an attractive tourist hub due to our abundance of food and high quality prostitutes and hotels.

Adding another feather to our over-decorated cap, Singapore will also be renowned for our low-cost budget travel options to pull in those world-wanderers.

Low-cost budget travel has picked up steam slowly over the years as it is hassle-free.


It does not require the use of passport to gain entry into and exit from Singapore.

It is also relatively cheap, as it facilitates the movement of people who cannot afford to take the bus or walk across the causeway.


And more importantly, it helps save time packing the luggage because the person becomes the luggage.

One such tourist, Tang Xia Lai, who tried the low-cost budget travel option, said it beats taking the plane as there is more leg room and back rest.


He said: “At least I can lie down.”