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SPH publishes flattering photo of Chee Soon Juan

SPH publishes flattering photo of Chee Soon Juan

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Singaporeans rush to buy 8743 4D lottery number for this weekend.

Singapolitics, the quaint little website run by Singapore Press Holdings that aims to rival The Online Citizen while not writing anything disparaging about the PAP, has published a two-part lengthy interview with SDP chief Chee Soon Juan.

Come on, who’s a happy boy now? Come on…

Not only is the photo accompanying the interview flattering, showing a toothy Chee, it does not contain disparaging captions reminding readers that he is an “ex-bankrupt”, for example.

Many Singaporeans were surprised by this rare turn of events causing thousands to flock to the lottery shops to try their luck.

This has caused the 4D lottery number 8743 for this weekend to sell out by Friday evening.

“8-7-4-3″ in Mandarin sounds like “Huat, Chee Soon Juan”.

S’pore press ranked at a high of 150th position

S’pore press ranked at a high of 150th position

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Freedom In The World 2012 report lends credibility to local press.

Obama’s photo four years ago in 2008! Damn, he has aged!

Good news: Singapore has been ranked number 150 out of 197 countries by Freedom In The World 2012 rankings for its press freedom — or lack of.

Freedom In The World ranking is by Freedom House, an organisation think-tank kind of thing that comes up with annual lists and puts stuff in numerical order.

And there appears to be a lot to cheer about. Because New Nation┬áis part of what everyone calls “the press” too.

This high ranking is primarily an endorsement of The Straits Times, the only national broadsheet in English that carries a lot of printed advertisements selling condominiums.

Once in a while, they find some space to hold news articles.

And it is due to the efforts of Warren Fernandez, the brain child behind ST.

He is also recently behind the idea of auctioning off a free Volkswagen car that Singapore Press Holdings received as sponsorship and used the money to purchase copies of ST for poor families because free newspapers is what poor people need.

So generous.

ST is also responsible for Singapolitics, a website that is dedicated to challenging The Online Citizen’s foothold on the Interweb.

It is a website about politics but remains largely uncritical of the PAP. Hmmmm how quaint.

Less but not least, Singapore’s highly ranked press has its reporters to thank.

They are encouraged to write stories accurately, such as the $7,000-a-month cab driver article, which promotes goodwill and a fair and balanced view of the world.