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God fails to hear CHC member’s prayer

God fails to hear CHC member’s prayer

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City Harvest’s Chew Eng Han’s bid to engage a Queen’s Counsel to defend him goes up in smoke.

It appears that not all prayers are answered by God.

City Harvest Church’s Chew Eng Han, who is going to trial this May for conspiring to cheat the church of millions of dollars, has failed in his bid to appoint a highly powerful Queen’s Counsel from the UK to defend him in the upcoming City Harvest cheating case in court.

He is now left without a lawyer, and the High Court Judge VK Rajah who dismissed Chew’s bid poetically chastised him by saying that he is the “sole author of his predicament”.

Some members of the public-at-large, however, are suggesting that it is because Chew did not pray hard enough. And it is not because God did not listen.

Ye Shu, a church-goer, said: “He should have fasted. I can still see his paunch.”


City Harvest Church’s Chew Eng Han couldn’t get a Queen’s Counsel to defend him, proving once and for all, money can’t buy you love

Others, who are more practical, are saying that Chew shouldn’t have last minute grab Buddha leg.

In an email reply, God said that he had to handle the Sabah crisis first. His neglect of other mundane affairs is regrettable.

The Almighty said: “If you read my book, you would know my specialty lies with war. Not dealing with finance.”

Shit getting real in Sabah

Shit getting real in Sabah

Other Singaporeans who are following the case. such as this TR Emeritus reader said: “Foreign talent! Foreign talent! Whole day hire foreigners! Sinkapore Sinkapore! Pappies Sinkapore grunt grunt!”