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MinCRAP: ‘Sexual corruption case is once-in-50-years event’

MinCRAP: ‘Sexual corruption case is once-in-50-years event’

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Benefits of high salaries to deter monetary corruption of public servants lauded.

Ex-SCDF chief, Peter Lim, is proof that high salaries prevent monetary corruption.

The high-profile sexual corruption case involving the ex-Singapore Civil Defence Force Chief, Peter Lim, serves as a timely reminder that Singapore has done very well in keeping corruption levels at a non-existent level.

Hen You Qian, a spokesman from the Ministry of Corruption Reduction And Prevention (MinCRAP), reiterated that obtaining sexual favours is the best proof that public servants are no longer moved by money anymore.

Hen said: “High salaries for public servants has worked and will continue to work to retain talent and prevent rampant monetary corruption.”

He added: “Sexual corruption, when it happens, is then a rare, once-in-50-years event.”

Shrugged off as a freak occurrence, the ex-SCDF commissioner was in court yesterday to face multiple charges of obtaining sexual gratification from three women in exchange for business deals.

While paid a lot of money every month to remain upright only in terms of principles, Lim managed to do so in other ways that did not pertain to principles.

Between May 2010 and November 2011, he had sexy times with three different women at different times at secluded car parks, in an apartment and even in France.

Clamp down on sexual corruption

But it now appears that obtaining illicit sexy times is going to be tougher in the future.

To demonstrate it is keen on cracking down on sexual corruption, the government is working closely with MinCRAP.

An elite Anti-Sex Squad (ASS) has been assembled to do inspections of all car parks in secluded areas to suss out any potential infringements.

Starting this weekend, any public servant caught in a car park without a valid reason will be immediately taken into custody and brought to Sim Lim Tower.

They will then have to take out their personal exercise book, which will be issued to all public servants in a few days’ time to be carried around during and after office hours, and made to copy the lines seen on the Sim Lim Tower billboard 500 times.

Sim Lim Tower

This will be done while kneeling down.

Anyone not from the public service but caught by ASS will be prevented from becoming a public servant in the future. This is to weed out potential wrongdoers.

They will then be issued an exercise book and made to copy the Sim Lim Tower lines 300 times.

The public-at-large is also counted on to do their part.

Public servants fingered by the public will be subsequently probed by the authorities.

Other measures MinCRAP is exploring include preventing public servants from going to France and chemical castration.