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George Yeo: Worker’s Party using you as a springboard

George Yeo: Worker’s Party using you as a springboard

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The Foreign Minister goes on the offensive, but his debut rally was disappointing.

By Fang Shihan

For a PAP rally, the attendance was actually quite good. Photo: FANG SHIHAN

THE crowd at Serangoon stadium was markedly smaller than yesterday’s, when the Worker’s Party took the stage. An estimated 1,500 PAP supporters turned up for the Aljunied GRC rally at Serangoon stadium. Some left disappointed while others had a good time.

Unlike other PAP rallies which comprise mostly Resident’s Committee members being ferried from one location to another, the crowd at this rally consisted of genuine voters who wanted to hear what PAP had to say in their own defense.

Most of the speeches were forgettable and revolved around micro-issues, although residents do care about them. One speech mentioned that the PAP would build sheltered walkways for residents if it were elected…and was rewarded with loud cheering.

It was as if sheltered walkways, clean spaces and safe, family friendly neighbourhoods were tasks that only a PAP MP could handle, and therefore deserved some fanfare. Almost like when Janil Puthucheary mentioned that he saved children everyday (because he was a pediatrician), building walkways was equated to serving the nation.

No, you’re not serving the nation, it’s your job and it’s what you’re supposed to do.

Besides expecting to be thanked for doing a job as it should be done, the PAP also enlisted the help of a professional bootlicker – PAP ‘friend’ Arthur Wee, who spent a good 20min waxing lyrical about how awesome the candidates were and what they did, in Hokkien.

The first five minutes was rather entertaining, and then it got boring, then terribly annoying. If the PAP was expecting voters to take politics seriously then this was a sharp turnaround. This became a wasted 20 minutes of rally time.

When George Yeo finally arrived, he received the loudest cheers. Yet his speech left much to be desired. Spending a considerable amount of time talking about the WP, he slams them for “playing with the lives of over 14,000 voters”. The 14,000 later went up to 20,000 as the night grew long, as his memory started to fail.

Boy having fun at the rally. Photo: FANG SHIHAN

The nation’s Total Fertility Rate is at its lowest so there’s no way in hell that 6,000 new voters from Aljunied were born overnight. He also mentioned that the WP, in its long and detailed manifesto, didn’t mention what they could do for the constituency, preferring instead to harp on national issues.

He then accuses the opposition party of using Aljunied voters as a springboard for greater things. “If WP captures power, their first concern will not be for the people”.

He further discredits the WP by saying that: “During the elections, political parties play games”. He points out that they have neither the people nor resources to go beyond handing out flyers and campaigning on national issues (and ignoring local constituency issues). The WP has no grassroots experience for Aljunied and may not have a clue how to run it.

He urges the voters not to be fooled (paraphrasing). The WP is asking for a “blank cheque” by asking Singaporeans to vote them in before showing them a plan for the constituency.

He adds that the WP is transforming the Aljunied debate into a personality-based issue: George vs. LTK.

Yet George Yeo is the only one giving out a flyer of his face on it. The hypocrisy.

Lastly, he says that Sylvia Lim is trying to be his HR manager by asking him to retire and to become an ambassador. New Nation recommends Recruit Express instead.


At the end of the rally, this author was asked by a man sitting beside him:

“Between the devil and the deep blue sea, who would you choose?”

He then answered his own question, rather poignantly: “The deep blue sea. If you don’t like, you can swim away. But you’re stuck with the devil forever.”

Watch George Yeo’s rally speech and gauge for yourselves.