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Sengkang residents vow to continue referring to shopping mall as ‘Compass Point’

Sengkang residents vow to continue referring to shopping mall as ‘Compass Point’

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Even though they recognise the effort in naming it 1 Sengkang Mall.


Sengkang residents from all walks of life, who recognise a stupid idea when they see one, have come out to praise the new “1 Sengkang Mall” bestowed upon Compass Point shopping centre.

This after it was announced that the mall, which is undergoing a year-long renovation that marks the end of civilisation in Sengkang, has been renamed following a contest for the public to contribute a new name.

The list of suggested names, which were full of surprises, included: Sengkang Central Mall, One Sengkang, Sengkang Square, One Sengkang Square, Sengkang One, #1 Sengkang Square and 1SM.

One Sengkang resident, Mei Chuang Yee, said she is glad much thought and creativity has been put into the process: “It’s like the last thing you’d expect was for a mall to be renamed as ‘1 Sengkang Mall’ in a revamp to mark a new era of originality, and then, ‘Boom’, it is called ‘1 Sengkang Mall’.”

“Totally subverted all expectations there.”

Another resident, Boh Tao Nao, said he appreciates the hard work put in: “This still beats calling our budget terminal as ‘The Budget Terminal’ and the mall in central Orchard as ‘Orchard Central’.”

Other Sengkang residents said the name change was a matter of getting used to.

Another resident of the estate, Jin Boh Leow, said: “They can call the mall any name they want, it doesn’t matter to me.”

“I will just keep referring to it as ‘Compass Point’, and there is nothing anyone can do anything about it.”






Closure of Compass Point mall for 1-year renovation marks end of civilisation in Sengkang

Closure of Compass Point mall for 1-year renovation marks end of civilisation in Sengkang

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Black market has sprouted up in its place offering basic necessities at twice the usual price.


Singaporeans from all walks of life in Sengkang have closed their eyes, rolled over to one side and called it quits.

This after civilisation as normal people recognise it has more or less come to an end in Sengkang following the closure of the entire Compass Point mall for one year to undergo renovation.

Wan Dan Leow, a Singaporean who stays in Sengkang but is actually desperate enough to contemplate moving somewhere else, such as Bukit Panjang, said: “There is nothing else left here. Everyday I get up to go to the Sengkang MRT station to take a train to work, I’d see balls of tumbleweed blown across the wasteland.”

“And then there will be people wandering around aimlessly, wondering where they can get basic necessities such as sanitary pads and cai png.”

“There is no foreseeable future here.”

However, other Singaporeans said the mall’s closure for an extended period of time has brought new life to the estate though.

Hei Seh Hui, another local, said: “These days, I get my basic necessities from the local black market established here a few weeks ago, even though it is twice the price.”

“It comprises a wandering band of merchants who come from far away places, such as Hougang, to offer basic, but now hard-to-find goods in Sengkang, such as fresh bean sprouts, toothbrushes — and occasionally, when god willing — piping hot pieces of Old Chang Kee curry puffs, squid sticks and PrimaDeli waffles.”

“Ah I miss those.”

At press time, thousands of Sengkangers reminisce the days gone by where they could saunter into Compass Point mall and drop off a cheque at the POSB branch or pop by Cold Storage and buy a packet of juice.






S’poreans agree with Khaw Boon Wan: ‘We can’t remember the last time anyone used religion to make money’

S’poreans agree with Khaw Boon Wan: ‘We can’t remember the last time anyone used religion to make money’

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That’s just unthinkable, Singaporeans say.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, especially those in Sengkang Fernvale, are nodding their heads vigorously and agreeing with Minister for National Development Khaw Boon Wan.

This after Minister Khaw said in parliament on Jan. 29, 2015, regarding the Fernvale columbarium, that it is unthinkable for anyone to use religion for a profit motive:

“For example, for 20-odd years, we would never have thought that a for-profit company would participate in a non-profit making venture like building a Chinese temple. But, of course, in this instance… the motivations are very different.”


“And because temples or churches are non-profit making, we just assumed that (for-profit) making companies will not be taking part in a non-profit making venture. So that was how things cropped up.”

Singaporeans who heard this statement, said they, like Minister Khaw, cannot recall when was the last time anyone in Singapore would build a commercial building that was also used for religion and to make money from rental.


One Singaporean, Mei Li Yew, said: “There hasn’t been any high profile cases recently or at all. Don’t think I can remember any. Nope.”

“I’m really racking my brains. But nope, still can’t think of one single incident.”


Another local, Shang Fa Ting, said he too has trouble trying to come up with another example where religion has somehow been linked to wealth: “It has never occurred to me that religion will be used for a profit motive. I don’t think this kind of thing has ever happened in Singapore before.”

“There hasn’t been any past cases in recent memory that serves as a case study. So, it is definitely just an innocuous oversight on the part of the Ministry of National Development and their tender process that needs a re-look, maybe a minor tweak here or there.”

“Moreover, human nature generally is not greedy. Religion and money have never been known to mix. So no big deal.”



Other Singaporeans who are putting their heads together to bring at least one counter example to mind, said they have given up trying because the process of recollection is simply exhausting and there are no incidents to recall: “We really can’t remember. In the last 20 years, definitely nothing.”

“Was there any church that happened to be involved in some incident where there was a scandal involving money?”

“In the last two to three years, mmm… think I’m getting something… Nah, nothing.”



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