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Sticker Lady gets co-opted by establishment

Sticker Lady gets co-opted by establishment

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She does a Vivian Balakrishnan.


The Sticker Lady has struck again.

This time she spray painted some preachy slogan on the ground, reminding pedestrians to “Stop looking at your phone” while crossing the road — under the auspices of the authorities.

It is part of a collaboration with Sentosa to create a series of so-called gangsta mofo “art” that will be on display for the whole of next month to commemorate Singapore‚Äôs National Day.

Meant to be tongue-in-cheek and so gangsta, it has instead elicited tongue-in-cheek comments from Singaporeans.

One Singaporean, Jin Kwai Lan, said: “Wah last time spray here, spray there, spray until can make money from it ah? So indie and hipster ah?”

Another Singaporean, Fan Dui Dang, said: “Not bad ah, like Vivian Balakrishnan.”